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December 2014



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"You know us billionaire vigilantes. We do love our toys."

So I've been watching Arrow, the CW's Green Arrow series. 

...And I like it.
It's so much better than I expected, based on how much I hated Smallville.

And I love Oliver Queen. He's my favorite DC superhero character.


Based on the first six episodes....

It's surprisingly good. They're doing a fine job of acknowledging the Robin Hood and Scarlet Pimpernel elements, and if it's slightly over-acted and turgid, well.

Also, Colin Salmon!!! Who is wonderful. But one would expect that.

I'm a little uncomfortable with its level of vigilante apologism, but at least it raises the questions, even if it's only to dismiss them. Still, the politics feel a little Libertarian for Ollie... well, Ollie's politics not so much, because they're never discussed.

But the narrative's politics, if you know what I mean.

But hey, six episodes in and they already snuffed Deadshot. This Ollie does not fuck around. (Deathstroke has shown up, too.)

The ethos of the show appears to be "No magic. No superpowers. Just assassins." Which I can get behind. The guy doing Ollie's stunt work is a pretty ferocious traceur, as well--which makes Green Arrow (or "the Hood" as the press is calling him) a very convincing superhero--that's real parkour, and you can tell by watching it. That may be my favorite thing so far.

Stephen Arnell looks nothing like the Ollie in my head, but Katie Cassidy is a perfectly nice Dinah (she's a lawyer in this continuity, and they're using her middle name, Laurel) and I love the fact that the main and recurring cast has five or six black characters, two of whom are female, and there are two Asian characters and only one is a villain! Also, in episode 6, there's an Asian cop with a black wife, and no comment is made.

And they named a secondary character in the first episode Grell, and a more central one Diggle. ;-)

Also: Blogged: Thanksgiving.


I've been really enjoying Arrow. I like how characters could easily be cartoonish villains but by casting people as awesome as Susannah Thompson and John Barrowman, they've got actors who can give the characters juuust enough depth to be interesting and convincing.

Also, Colin Salmon rocks. And I adore David Ramsey, who plays Diggle. He had a recurring role in "Blue Bloods" before this and I was hoping he'd get something that would give him more screen time.

Now, if they could just make the sister less whiny and give Willa Holland something to work with.....

Actually, my only real complaint is I'm not buying the chemistry between Ollie and Laurel - the two actors don't seem to have any spark when they're in scenes together. Which is a bit of a shame.
...Wait, John Barrowman is in this thing?

*giggles* Down, mate, he's only a guest star in the odd episode. So far he's had maybe 10 minutes screen time. I have no idea if the role will get more substantial or not. We don't even know his character's name yet :)
I dunno, sounds like a recurring guest star to me! C'mon, you don't have John Barrowman show up just to tease your (and his) fan base. (Do you? Do you?)

I mean, even if you do, consider myself, y'know, teased. Mmm.
Can't argue with that! Arrow's not on again until next week so you've got time to catch up :D :D