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bear by san

February 2017



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"You know us billionaire vigilantes. We do love our toys."

So I've been watching Arrow, the CW's Green Arrow series. 

...And I like it.
It's so much better than I expected, based on how much I hated Smallville.

And I love Oliver Queen. He's my favorite DC superhero character.


Based on the first six episodes....

It's surprisingly good. They're doing a fine job of acknowledging the Robin Hood and Scarlet Pimpernel elements, and if it's slightly over-acted and turgid, well.

Also, Colin Salmon!!! Who is wonderful. But one would expect that.

I'm a little uncomfortable with its level of vigilante apologism, but at least it raises the questions, even if it's only to dismiss them. Still, the politics feel a little Libertarian for Ollie... well, Ollie's politics not so much, because they're never discussed.

But the narrative's politics, if you know what I mean.

But hey, six episodes in and they already snuffed Deadshot. This Ollie does not fuck around. (Deathstroke has shown up, too.)

The ethos of the show appears to be "No magic. No superpowers. Just assassins." Which I can get behind. The guy doing Ollie's stunt work is a pretty ferocious traceur, as well--which makes Green Arrow (or "the Hood" as the press is calling him) a very convincing superhero--that's real parkour, and you can tell by watching it. That may be my favorite thing so far.

Stephen Arnell looks nothing like the Ollie in my head, but Katie Cassidy is a perfectly nice Dinah (she's a lawyer in this continuity, and they're using her middle name, Laurel) and I love the fact that the main and recurring cast has five or six black characters, two of whom are female, and there are two Asian characters and only one is a villain! Also, in episode 6, there's an Asian cop with a black wife, and no comment is made.

And they named a secondary character in the first episode Grell, and a more central one Diggle. ;-)

Also: Blogged: Thanksgiving.


So I watched a couple of episodes of this, and it seemed pretty good (albeit not as real-world plausible as they'd like me to think). But then I looked ahead at the episode summaries, and four out of the first six episodes have random DC heroes or villains as guest stars. (I had not recognized China White's name, because I have only a scratch of familiarity with the DC universe.)

Is this going to be a problem? My immediate reaction was, geez folks, if you're leaning this hard on fan-familiarity, you don't have much faith in your story and characters, do you?

I would be happy to learn that this *isn't* a problem and they're pulling off the show anyhow, but I'd like someone to tell me so, as it were, if so. That that's the case. And then I'll go back and watch some more.

(Sorry, that paragraph got a little rambly. Listening to Arlo on the other monitor. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.)
I don't think anybody can tell you if it's going to seem too reliant on DC continuity for you except for you.
I guess I was asking whether it's too much for the story, not for me.

But the sensible answer is "Let the season play out, see if the ratio tends up or down; keep an eye on net.squee, see if people wind up raving about the great storyline or the great DC cameos. Or not raving at all. Make decision then."
I don't know the villains from the comics nearly well enough, and their appearances haven't bothered me, as one data point.