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bear by san

February 2017



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heart to heart as we hit the floor

(potential eating disorder and exercise related trigger warning.)

Managed to run a little over two miles this morning--slowly, but I had the dog, which shaves a minute onto every mile. I'm feeling mostly recovered, although my mitochondria are still reporting taking scattered fire and casualties. Still, I'm going to make it to archery tonight.

I'm going to try yoga and a dog-run tomorrow, and then a long solo run Saturday--although the jury's still out on whether it'll be the one with all the damned hills.

Progress photo, with wet hair, because I am pleased by my biceps today:

me 2012 12 20

Size 12 cargo pants, which fit well--a first since 2001. When not sick, I've upped my protein intake to 140 grams a day, and I'm seeing results in muscle definition. My biceps have a little notch at the bottom now--which you can't see in this photo, but hey.

For reference, a photo from 2006:

Blood pressure's down about 40/25 points, since you ask. ;-)


And you did this all by yourself?

I'm very impressed. And yes, a bit jealous as well.

Well, I have had a huge amount of support from loved ones--and from the internets! Sparkpeople.com and Fitday.com were both totally instrumental in figuring out my nutrition.

(I'm not quite done yet; I'd like to lose another twenty pounds or so, and do pullups, and I have some yoga goals as yet unmet--but that seems pretty freaking insignificant at this point.)

It really does just amount to tracking what goes into my mouth, being moderate about it most of the time, eating things with a high nutrient density, and getting off my ass as close to every day as possible.