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bear by san

March 2017



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the heartbreak of armpit fat.

I have just discovered the official silliest piece of fatphobia I have ever encountered in my born days.

Apparently, we are all now supposed to be terrified of exposing our unsightly armpit fat.

Based on my admittedly cursory internet research, and exemplified by the image above, I would worry about the health consequences for any woman concerned with armpit fat, because it would suggest that she is not doing her breast self-exam properly. What we see above, in the damning orange circles, is in fact part of the boob. And the problem is that Madam is not wearing a properly-fitting bra, as the one illustrated above is at least two cup sizes too small and one band size too large. The little metal bits (we call them 'underwires') are meant to lie flat against the ribcage, not sit halfway up Mount Doom like the track of a sidehill hoofer.

Why yes, I am supposed to be writing a novel. Why do you ask?

But the patriarchy is in my armpits. Some things just can't wait.


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*blink* *blink*

... *blink*

People are *supposed* to have fat there. It is where the lymph nodes are located, in the auxiliary fat pad: http://pie.med.utoronto.ca/ALND/ALND_content/axillaryAnatomy.html If you didn't have fat there, you would have bigger problems than presumably-not-appealing-to-the-heterosexual-male-gaze, like chronic swelling of the hands and arms. Which I'd presume is also not attractive?

The patriarchy needs to spend less time believing "women" are those computer-generated models in their video games and more time in an AP Bio class.

Re: *blink* *blink*

Huh. That's interesting for all kinds of reasons. And one of them is, I think it would be cool to make more noise about what fat cells do, what they're there for, how they benefit the human body. Too much fat is a health risk, sure, but it would be such a relief if people stopped seeing any fat as if it were a giant hairy spider.*

*with apologies to the Arachnid Anti-defamation League

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Re: *blink* *blink*

Yes. We need fat. Fat keeps us alive. And warm!
Yes! I love that the nutrition tracker I use doesn't just break down fat/protein/carb intake, but has a minimum and maximum for each of those. And its little report at the end of the day congratulates me for falling within the right range for fat intake, while reminding me of the useful things fat does for my body.
Which nutrition tracker is that? That sounds useful.

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Sparkpeople. The website is way too busy, but I ignore most everything but the nutrition tracker, which is pretty good. It's not so good for tracking vitamin/mineral intake, because a lot of people enter food info without noting that part, but if you just want to track basic calorie/fat/carb/protein intake, it's great.
Thank you!

Re: *blink* *blink*

...that is really good to know! Thank you!
over the holiday weekend I was repeatedly exposed to this commerical for a shrug like sheer clothing item that confined your arm flaps, so your upper arm sag didnt flop about!! yes, and it comes in sheer black and sheer white.
It's rubbish like this that makes me wish I could clone my nearby and excellent bra shop. Huge range of band and cup sizes right there in the store and competent staff who want to put you in a well fitted bra that meets your needs.

The prices- well yes, if I hunt for weeks I can find cheaper bras that sort of fit, are more than a little uncomfortable and wear out in under three months. What a bargain! Not.

Armpit fat. Yeesh. Many years ago I stopped dating a guy who, in remarking on an actress on a magazine cover, said her earlobes were too fat. I was like, dude, if your standards are that high let's not waste each other's time. Never regretted it. Life's too short and awkward dates are too long to spend time with someone who goes all judgey monkey over fat earlobes.
"Sorry, dude. Your head is too fat."

Professional bra fittings are great, until the fitter looks at you with great pity and says, "Oh honey, you're never going to find that size in a retail store. I suggest buying online: 6 to 8 in it, 6 to 8 in the next band size up/cup size down, and 6 to 8 in the next band size down/cup size up, choosing the best 4 and returning the rest."

The fact that retail shops simply do not carry band sizes under 32 is seriously a problem.
That is an awesome fitter, though, because I have had them flat lie to me.

I have a nice standard band size (36) but the cup size... oy gevalt.
The ladies at Lady Grace in Boston were wonderful years ago. I have no idea if they still are. I went with my roommate who needed large cup sizes and since I was there, they decided to measure me too (already knowing they probably wouldn't be able to fit me).
Lady Grace is where my daughter C finally got a bra fitted correctly. That was some years back - I think it was a 32HHH
Yeah- there were days when I still had some faint hope of buying bras off the rack at a major retailer. Mind you it was about a three year window in my late twenties and it seems like half of the fitters got my size wrong.

One day I went to three different department stores and talked to a grand total of five 'fitters'. I got told three different band/cup combos and said fukkit and went for drinks with a friend.

Every time a thread like this pops up somewhere I feel like I should send my bra pusher flowers.
"The fact that retail shops simply do not carry band sizes under 32 is seriously a problem."

This! I went around wearing 34B for years until the back pain got unmanageable. Got myself measured, got told I was a 32C. Hard enough to find in stores but they had a couple. Still had back pain though. Measured myself and ordered bras online- 28DD fits great, pain reduced, yay! (Not anymore, they got bigger. :( )But the fricking saleslady couldn't tell me that I was a 28 anything cuz of course they don't stock it. Buying bras is this crazy ordering and returning ordeal and I hate that they don't last forever so I have to do it more than once.
I was going to say, that's not armpit fat, it's boob overflow, but I see you already know this. As I should have known you would. Armpit fat indeed. Because there aren't enough real things to worry about in the world.

This is probably the opening salvo in an attempt to open a new market of anti-fat products. Pbbbt.
Like you, I wonder how many women do not know that this "underarm fat" is, as you pointed out, actually part of the breast. It's known as the "tail" of the breast and it absolutely should be included in breast self-exams. It is truly dismaying how little many women know about their own bodies, and how skewed our body image has become relative to what a normal healthy adult female body should look like. I catch myself at it time and again --like watching old movies from the 30's of those actresses in the slinky evening dresses and thinking "stomach poochie" and "thunder thighs"
Yeah. This is what women look like.
There's money to be made in destroying people's self-worth.
It's funny because it's true. Except for the "funny" part. GOD, the world.
My sweetie calls that boob wing and thinks it's the sexiest part of the breast.

Me, I'm tired of bras. I wish I could get a decently fitting corset for something I could afford. No lie, I'd wear it a lot. Helps me not have back pain more than bras ever have.
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