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bear by san

March 2017



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the heartbreak of armpit fat.

I have just discovered the official silliest piece of fatphobia I have ever encountered in my born days.

Apparently, we are all now supposed to be terrified of exposing our unsightly armpit fat.

Based on my admittedly cursory internet research, and exemplified by the image above, I would worry about the health consequences for any woman concerned with armpit fat, because it would suggest that she is not doing her breast self-exam properly. What we see above, in the damning orange circles, is in fact part of the boob. And the problem is that Madam is not wearing a properly-fitting bra, as the one illustrated above is at least two cup sizes too small and one band size too large. The little metal bits (we call them 'underwires') are meant to lie flat against the ribcage, not sit halfway up Mount Doom like the track of a sidehill hoofer.

Why yes, I am supposed to be writing a novel. Why do you ask?

But the patriarchy is in my armpits. Some things just can't wait.


Anyone know of any place other than Bravissimo? I can't afford from-England shipping. I use Title Nine for now, but I'd be curious about other stores.
They're not much cheaper in terms of shipping, but BraStop sometimes has very discounted bras; I mention it in case the discounts might balance out the shipping.

Also, Figleaves has a US site, as well as a UK one. (I'm afraid I don't know where you are, so I don't know if that's much better...)
I like www.barenecessities.com. I'm a 28?? (They've grown again somehow and are now falling out of the 28DDs I own, so time to try on new bras) so very few brands make my band size in any decent cup size, but BN seems to always have selection. The shipping is cheap in the US with easy returns.