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bear by san

March 2017



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writing patience

I'm not sure which is more wonderfully ridiculous: that I just googled up the physics to determine if a character's breath would condense under a particular set of atmospheric conditions, or that there's an online calculator that does nothing but do that math for you.



In the Batman: Arkham City video game, there's a scene where Batman and Mr. Freeze have a conversation before it turns into a fight, and (1) Freeze has his suit on (the helmet has a faceplate that slides in and out of place for ease of conversation), and (2) both Bats and Freeze are in a place that is nearly half-frozen. Because of how the tech has advanced in games, you can see Batman's breath... and Freeze's, and this struck me as a little odd, as if maybe... despite his suit and the cold air around, his body temperature wasn't quite at normal (for him) levels. I opined this on TVTropes, and someone suggested that Freeze's breath is visible because it IS colder than the surrounding air. (Not to mention the condensation on that helmet faceplate. Or, despite needing a sub-zero environment to stay alive, the cold is taking its toll on Freeze's body in other ways... he has no ears.)

Long story short, check on Youtube for "Batman: Arkham City Mr. Freeze" (come for the visuals, stay for the voice acting)
Perhaps this:

Used a lot in this household.
Link please??? That is freaking awesome!!!

Never mind, just saw the comment. Danke!

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No contest. It's the fact that such a calculator exists. Who THINKS of these things? (Besides you, I mean. ::wink::)
Isn't it so cool that we live in the future now?
The future is full of awesome stuff.
or that there's an online calculator that does nothing but do that math for you.

That is charming!
Just mind-blowing that there are people out there who (a) know all this arcane and obscure information, who (b) think it is worth their time to put it on the internet because (c) somebody else might need it. The internet is like a freaking hive mind. It never ceases to amaze me what you can find out there. (Resistance is futile. . . .)