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March 2015



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i've gone crazy. couldn't you tell?

I've been so damned busy I've been letting Friday night mixology inventions slide by without blogging them. Which means that once they vanish into the fortnight time limit of twitter tags, they could be gone forever!

Last week (actually, on Sunday, during a birthday party for my friend batwrangler) I invented the drink she named the Ship's Cat. We had leftover pineapple juice from the carrot cake, you see, and pineapple juice cries out for rum...

This is an ounce of pineapple juice, an ounce of Orange Dry (that's a New England thing, apparently--not-very-sweet orange soda with some actual OJ in it. Orangina is the canonical one, but Polar makes a good one, and Hosmer Mountain used to before the Corn Syrup Incident. Oh, Hosmer Mountain Orange Dry and Birch Beer, circa 1989. You live on in my Yankee memory.), a half ounce of Black Seal 151, a half ounce of Triple Sec, and a dash of orange bitters. (I used Bitter Truth, because their orange bitters has cardamom in it and therefore rocks the Manhattanhenge, my favorite Manhattan variant: sub in Amaro for the vermouth, and orange cardamom bitters for the regular bitters. Die happy. The bartenders at Peché in Austin invented this and they are geniuses, go there.)

It is Not Very Alcoholic.

However, tonight's Friday Night Cocktail had me tipsy at half a glass. When I handed my dear Mr. Lynch his glass, he tasted it and remarked, "You're crazy. And I love you."

Because it also has rum, and we were on a nautical theme involving cats, and because I am a huge Mississippi John Hurt fan, I dubbed this the Salty Dog. Yes, I know there's already a Salty Dog, but it's a fucking Greyhound in a salted glass, and John Fucking Hurt deserves a better fucking drink.

This is 1 shot (1.5 ounces) of that same Black Seal 151, half an ounce of Sambuca, and half an ounce of Salmiakki salted liquorice liqueur, which I happen to have a bottle of because the delightful folks at Darkover Grand Council gave me some as a part of my Guest of Honor gift two years back.

If you like liquorice, I recommend this. But it is not for the faint of heart. This cocktail Gets The Job Done, as they say.

(yes, that's the view from where I write books. Pls to ignore power cords.)



Holy wow, that second cocktail sounds awesome. I do love me some liquorice. And cocktails. :-)

(Have you ever had Arak? The versions I've had have been Turkish or Jordanian; it's an Arabic anise-flavored liquor, less sweet than sambuca or ouzo. I adore it, but it's damned hard to find around these parts.)
I have not. But I have a weakness for licorice/anise/fennel.

It was really good. And don't plan to drive. 0.0
Spell it southern style - dawg - and you can avoid confusion
I'm not sure I could do that with a straight face...
I don't think an implied giggle in the name would hurt the drink - it almost needs one ;-)
...The only true dark-licorice-flavored liquor I have access to right now is Topas, which is Icelandic dark licorice and menthol. I like it occasionally, but only just. That Salty Dog sounds great -- I really should look into non-mentholated dark licorice spirits.
Hm. I should ask my Icelandic friend if he could get me some of that.
Two of our Finnish friends made us some homemade salmiakkikossu as a wedding gift. It is an amazing thing. Also very slow to use up, because, really, one does not drink much salmiakkikossu at a time. And you should be able to get some at Finncon! (Or rather, I'd be amazed if you didn't get given some at Finncon.)
Ah, Orangina. That was a staple of childhood camping trips to France.
The bottles are ideally shaped for Molotov cocktails.


So I hear.