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bear by san

March 2017



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i might be drunk but i ain't dumb.

It must be an epic fantasy, because I am suffering POV inflation. But there are no existing POV characters present for this plot-necessary scene.

Of course, the existence of this scene and the POV character in it implies an interesting narrative thread that I am going to have to go back and put in.

And this is why my second drafts are always fifteen percent longer than my rough drafts.


It alwyas makes me happy to see you write about writing. I generally learn something new....:-)
Hey, how have you been? I was just thinking about you the other day.
I'm flattered you think about me! I've been good, slightly derailed from writing, but back in the saddle with a couple of short story sales and a (Dutch) novel published, and many fingers crossed at other novel submissions. I think about VP often, it was a great time....

Are you going to be at Finncon next year? Or UK World Fantasy or Worldcon? I am trying to make all three, and may be spending some time in Europe between Finncon and London Worldcon.

I'd love to hang out.
Cool! I am thinking about Brighton( UK World Fantasy, right?, nov. 2013), definitely Loncon3(2014), haven't thought about Finncon. I see it's in July. When are you spending time in Europe? Since Worldcon is in 2014 and Finncon in 2013, are you going to live in Europe? OR do you mean Bradford (eastercon) and Finncon? Either way, feel free to come by and crash. I'll show you around the Netherlands!
No, Finncon 2014. I'm sorry. I was unclear. So that'll be more like a month, six weeks. ;-)

Ooo! I will have a boyfriend in tow, however. *g*
I gathered...:-) Depends a bit on how many children would still be living at home then. We'll work something out. Looking forward to it!
At the very least, drinks. ;-)
At the very least. Talking about writing while drinking might be on the menu....:-)