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sf sapphire and steel winning

February 2016



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writing softcore nerdporn _ heres_luckmatociquala wrote
on February 20th, 2013 at 12:04 am

if your life is a leaf the seasons tear off and condemn...

...they will bind you with love that is graceful and green as a stem.

With my draft or on it!

91587 / 120000 words. 76% done!

Steles of the Sky: Eternal Sky III

Start time: 1100 hours EST, Tuesday February 19 2013
Hours elapsed: 13
Starting Word count: 88,107 words
Starting page count: 437 pages
Current Word count: 91,587 words
Current page count: 452 pages
New words: 3480

Teacup: Caffeine molecule
Tea: Upton pai mu tan white with ginger and mint; Stash mint chocolate oolong;
Not Tea: Adirondack raspberry lime seltzer; hot buttered rum; a Manhattan variant with Campari in place of vermouth; water
Other Sustenance: cinnamon graham crackers; brown rice, refried pintos, cheddar cheese, hot sauce, fried egg; Reed's ginger chew; half a sweet cheese croissant; nut and rice crackers; more cinnamon grahams; a disgustingly healthy smoothie that would have been better without the kiwi; spaghetti with turkey sausage and red bean meat sauce;

Dancing: with Bears
Exercise: yoga, 1 mile walk
Sleep: 0
Showers: 1

Words Word don't know: bearlike, buzkashi, indricothere, karst, shudraga, geas, untasted, arsed, shelterless, petrichor, anosmic, luffed, unpatrolled, armorers, abortifacients, whuffed, rockily, hypostall, vulturous, cowled, spinel, spiderweb, boled, insectile, scraggle, cometary, ouds, homages, unglaciated,  thewed, wyrm, querulousness, unshriven, antidiarrheal, slabby, verdnacy, torchieres, archness,
Mean things: moral qualms, more moral qualms, and a few more moral qualms. insurmountable odds. Caring about stuff.
Darling: --

If I do not finish this book today, I will only have to finish it tomorrow.

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