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bear by san

February 2017



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can't sleep books will eat me

maybe i should cry for help

--30--, sorta

Well, I am declaring this thing a draft.

It's not by any means a good draft, but I've had the realization that I can't actually write the climactic three or four chapters of the novel until I go back and fix all the bits of things I need to fix in the earlier chapters of the draft, because it includes adding a lot of new material, and that material has a direct bearing on the emotional climax of the book.

I can't do that in the next four days, and I need some distance from the book right now anyway.

So currently, those chapters are represented by a reasonably detailed scene by scene outline. And about 100 unwritten pages of manuscript.

My drop dead date for the book is May 1; by then I will have fixed all this stuff and created a publishable manuscript.

Stories are hard.

104000 / 120000 words. 87% done!


Ouch. i get this, a little. Would it help to say that based on everything I've read of yours, i have no doubt you can pull it off?

meantime, I hope you get to have some fun in these next few days.

(I don't know what i'm going to do when I have to cope with this plus deadline pressure.)
Thank you.

More and more this seems to be what I need to do. Or maybe it's what I always did, but I notice it now because I am working closer to deadlines...