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bear by san

February 2017



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The good news is, despite a three-day business trip (BOSKONE! with attendant food and booooooooze and Fran's chocolate covered potato chips 0.0); a downtick in my exercise schedule due to crappy weather, tiredness following donating those packed red cells, and a minor injury (calf muscle threw a fit); and the conscious decision to pretty much eat and drink whatever I wanted while I was on deadline, my pants still fit.

I've gained some weight back--five pounds or so--but I'm not too concerned about it. Healthy habits will prevail.

And zomg zomg zomg I have only three more training weeks (and a taper week) before my half marathon. I was very worried about my long run today--first long run since January, zomg!--but got through 11 miles without dying. I have gotten some exercise--six miles on the hotel elliptical there, a four mile run here, a lot of marathon snow shoveling!, a daily walk, not enough yoga and nearly no climbing--but it's nice to know that my cardio conditioning isn't totally shot.

I was slower--and I did not try the route with the big hills--but I made it.

So I will try 12 miles next week, and my hilly 10-mile route for the third week, and then the week after that is taper and only easy runs, and Saturday is race day.

I'm only a little terrified. But my goal is just to run the whole thing.

And hey, I won't be overtrained. :-P


got through 11 miles without dying.

Every time I left town (at first for college, after that for, y'know, the rest of my life), one of my best high school friends would take me by the shoulders and say in a silly voice, "Okay. Have fun. Don't die."

Sounds like you are taking this good advice. I am glad and wish you more of the fun and the not-dying.

My version of that is Observe Rule One.

Rule One is "Nobody dies."