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bear by san

March 2017



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cup of green joy

Upton Tea (A local company, very close to here in Hopkinton Massachusetts) is my preferred tea purveyor and has been for years. Inexpensive, perfect customer service, and what they don't spend on marketing they pend on providing awesome tea at low prices.

I celebrated a long-delayed check with some green tea, which arrived today. And they had thrown in a sample of Gen-Mai Cha with it.

Oooh, this is nice.

A++, will drink again.

2013-02-28 14.30.14


Upton Tea (A local company, very close to here in Hopkinton Massachusetts) is my preferred tea purveyor

I will have to try them. I have been ordering from Stash since I got a lovely tea travel mug with an infuser basket from my niece for Christmas. It came with tea from Tevana which smells interesting but I find has a bit too many flavors jumbled together for my taste. I've tried a couple new flavors and discovered "smokey" is not something that I care for in tea. My experience with green tea is limited - is there any you especially recommend?
Upton's Yamato Sencha is wooooonnerful. One of the lovely things about Upton is that your tea is packed for you an comes with a label telling you how long to brew it for, and at what temperature. That specific tea, not "tea of this type."

Teavana is all marketing and very little decent tea, alas. Stash stuff is surprisingly good for a national brand, and Adiago is very nice, but also very pricy. *g*
I will try a sampler of that one then. I suspect I will keep going back to Irish breakfast but would like to explore different types. Upton has more teas than I ever knew existed!
Yes, samplers are the way to start with Upton. It took a friend serving me tea in Minneapolis to learn about Upton Tea, even though I already lived in Massachusetts at the time. I ordered several samplers of unfamiliar things that sounded good, then proceeded to order two tins of Irish breakfast because they offered two different blends and I already knew Irish breakfast was my favorite.

Only to discover I don't like Upton's Irish breakfast (which I'm sure is superior to the various brands I've bought in grocery stores). Duh. My hopes are now pinned on Barry's, which I've heard is good.

Upton's has loads of marvelous teas. I drink less tea than most tea-drinkers. It would easily take far more than my lifetime to discover which ones best suit my tastes (and under what conditions), even if I'd started 50 years ago instead of 5.

The samplers also make for fabulous, personalized, super low-cost presents. In addition to the label telling how long to brew it for, and at what temperature, they also print the recipient's name on the label.