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April 2016



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derbytylik wrote
on March 18th, 2013 at 02:54 pm

Gah. Thank you. That's been driving me crazy.

It's weird, because I think most people would agree that rape is worse than being mugged. (I'm honestly not sure by what metric you compare these things, and I thing the individual instances are far more important than some broad labels, but let's go with this.) And yet, you don't get all the weird fucking crap about muggings or similar crimes. If someone was passed out drunk, and someone else came, rifled through their pockets and took their wallet? It's a crime. None of this promising young men crap. It wouldn't occur to most people to mention that a mugger might otherwise be a promising young man because they're a mugger. Maybe we should worry about that. (And seriously, I have some questions about how our sex offender registration works.) But... gah!

And also none of this "OMG, the victim is scarred forever!" No, it's simple, a robbery occurred, no one asks if the passed out drunk person consented, and pretty much everyone agrees that something bad should happen to the person who committed the offence. And the victim probably had a lousy time, but, yeah. You go on.

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