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April 2016



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Jin Shei Cover from sgreeranghara wrote
on March 22nd, 2013 at 09:53 pm

I actually watched that CNN video - the apologist one - and honestly, it was all I could do not to gag. Those "spologies" offered in court by the two young men whose lives are "now over"? is it just me who cannot see an ounce of sincerity in either one of them? The first dude said his screed, woodenly, like lines he had had to learn (badly) for a shcool play - and the business of "the photos should never have been sent around..." which comes BEFORE the idea of that they should not have been taken at all, it's just backwards. And it tells me he isn't sorry at all about taking the pictures. He's just sorry as all getgo that he was dumb enough to brag about them and well here we all are now aren't we. As for the second dude, the one who breaks into anguished sobs over his "sorry" (and somewhere in there comes up with "I never meant to..." - and just what DID you mean to, while you were doing what you were doing, then...?) and then gets *comforted and "there,there, there" patted on the back by that court official standing there, well, I just don't know.

It isn't enough that they're sorry they got caught, which is apparently what it boils down to. Their lives WERE NOT TAKEN AWAY FROM THEM BY SOMEONE ELSE. They did the taking, by what they did. The only people in that scenario who had a choice about what happened CHOSE to do what they did. All the sorry in the world doesn't fix that.

I'm still mad.

And thank you for writing this. Bear. Seriously. Thank you.

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