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bear by san

March 2017



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writing steles burning

and you, you were acting like it was the end of the world.

It's Book day, busting out all over!

Of course, today is US launch day* for my own Shattered Pillars, second in the Eternal Sky trilogy. Shattered Pillars is a novel of crumblimg empire, necromancy, Rukhs, Djinni, ghulim, Wizards, tiger-warriors, martial monks, and magic ponies set in a fantasy realm inspired by the cultures, sweep, and breadth of our own world's Silk Road and the Asian steppe. Thrills, chills, buildering, war crimes, and did I mention magic ponies?

(Goodreads page)

You can read an excerpt here, at Tor.com. You can read Brit Mandelo's review here, also at Tor.com. And you can read Marissa Lingen's review here at her livejournal.

Shattered Pillars received starred reviews from Kirkus and Booklist and rave reviews from Publishers Weekly and Romantic Times. (details here)

Range of Ghosts, first in the series, is a Tiptree Honor Book, a Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award nominee for Best Epic Fantasy, and the first printing sold out in under a week.

To order Shattered Pillars online:

(Amazon) (Barnes & Noble) (Powell's) (Mysterious Galaxy)

It is, of course, available where ever fine pixels are pushed--or, for that matter, pages.

But wait! That's not all!

It's also launch day for the Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling edited Queen Victoria's Book of Spells, a Gaslamp Fantasy anthology with an amazing Table of Contents:

(Goodreads Page)

Speaking of that ToC, here it is:

Preface                                                           Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling
Introduction: Fantasy, Magic, and
Fairyland in Nineteenth-Century England       Terri Windling
“Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells”                  Delia Sherman
“The Fairy Enterprise”                                    Jeffrey Ford
“From the Catalogue of the Pavilion
of the Uncanny and Marvelous,
Scheduled for Premiere at the
Great Exhibition (Before the Fire)”                  Genevieve Valentine
“The Memory Book”                                       Maureen McHugh
“La Reine d’Enfer”                                           Kathe Koja
“For the Briar Rose”                                       Elizabeth Wein
“The Governess”                                            Elizabeth Bear
“Smithfield”                                                    James P. Blaylock
“The Unwanted Women of Surrey”                 Kaaron Warren
“Charged”                                                       Leanna Renee Hieber
“Mr. Splitfoot”                                                Dale Bailey
“Phosphorus”                                                 Veronica Schanoes
“We Without Us Were Shadows”                     Catherynne M. Valente
“The Vital Importance of the Superficial”       Ellen Kushner and Caroline Stevermer
“The Jewel in the Toad Queen’s Crown”         Jane Yolen
“A Few Twigs He Left Behind”                        Gregory Maguire
“Their Monstrous Minds”                               Tanith Lee
“Estella Saves the Village”                              Theodora Goss

...So I'm in an anthology with Jane Yolen, Tanith Lee, and Ellen Kushner. How did this get to be my life again?

Here is Terri Windling's post on the book. and here are starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Kirkus. (Somebody must have given Kirkus a lollipop. They're never this nice!)

Queen Victoria's Book of Spells is available through the usual suspects (Barnes and Noble) (Amazon) and wherever fine pixels are pushed... or fine pages, for that matter.

*UK launch day is April 15. We Apologize For The Inconvenience.


Shattered Pillars has yet to show up in my Friendly Local Bookstore, alas. However! I found my copy of New Amsterdam after putting up a new bookshelf and pulling a few boxes of books out of storage to shelve them. So I have some lovely, lovely re-reading to do.
I pre-ordered. hahahahaha!!!!
Yay! Mine should reach my mailbox today!
My copy of Queen Victoria's Book of Spells should arrive today (if delivery doesn't get screwed up)! I have yet to read Range of Ghosts and one must Always Read Series in Order. But, I have to say that Lady Abigail Irene is one of my favorite fictional characters ever - I did a complete & joyful re-read last fall. I sometimes think she might be great friends with Laurie King's Mary Russell.
Happy Book day!!!


Got my Shattered Pillars today, my family won't see me for a few days.
*happy dance*
Hoping against hope that someone will buy me Shattered Pillars for my birthday, since I can't buy it for myself. :( Range of Ghosts was fabulous. Maybe not quite as awesome as the Edda of Burdens books, but well, I have to read the other two to decide. The Edda of Burdens didn't outstrip the Stratford Man for amazing until I finished By the Mountain Bound, and even then I left myself a little wiggle room until I had book 3.

That is ... one heck of a TOC. I can see about 4 names I don't know well enough that if I were in that company (unlikely) I wouldn't be going OMG OMG and mashing the keyboard in incoherent Squees.

(Goes to add antho to wish list.)
Happy birthday!
No, no, my birthday isn't yet. it's just my next and only chance for a while to get new books.
Okay, email your real name & address to marykay.kare@gmail.com and I'll send you a copy of the book. I take it that you want an actual dead trees book?

Bear can provide a reference if you're feeling wary

That is an amazingly generous offer. Wow.

I remember you, at least online. At one point I had you friended (I think I lost you when I purged down to only people I had personally met, not people in the same fandom circles, and god knows why I never picked your journal back up, considering I expanded again within a few weeks.)

As I amended to Bear herself, my birthday isn't yet. It's actually all the way off in June. What happened is, I swore not to *buy* any books for 2013. In spite of the fact that at least two major books are coming out that are top of my WAAANT list (Shattered Pillars is one of the two). So I may have to wait to get those books for my birthday.

My reasoning is that I have a to-read bookCASE, less reading time, and less cash flow. (Also, I picked up the last handful of really urgent books that were already out right before I made the pledge). Also that there is a pretty good library system in this city.

IF your offer still stands, I'll e-mail you, but I think it only fair to give the long version before you're too generous.
Sure -- I wasn't doing it for the birthday thing, but because I can remember not being able to get a book you REALLY want. And because Bear is a good person & writer and people should have her books. And I like doing this sort of thing for people and I can afford it.

My pixels were delivered last night. As soon as I finished re-reading RoG I immediately started in on SP. It's going slowly as I'm finding it very intense & needing a break occasionally. (Thus the LJ trawl.)

I also had pre-ordered the Queen Victoria's thing. Looking forward to it too. Until I started th re-read this week-end, I was readig occasional stories from The Mad Scientist's Guide to World Domination. Perhaps I'll alternate stories from the 2 collections after I finish SP.

Just sent SP to my Kindle! Hooray! Happy book day!
"Queen Victoria's Book of Spells" is in the queue on the Kindle Fire. As for Shattered Pillars, when I know the author has embarked on a story that will take multiple books to tell, I wait until the whole story is in print before I read any of them. I hate to get into a good story and then have to wait like a year for the next installment. It's like stopping the roller coaster half way through the ride and making you go stand in line again to ride the rest of it. So frustrating! (Besides that, I forget too much in the year+ you have to wait between books.) Once I have all the books, I can read the story through from beginning to end in a relatively short time frame(days versus years). I buy each book as it comes out, yeah. But I set them aside until I have them all and can sit down and immerse myself in the story and luxuriate in experiencing the whole story arc in one swell foop. That's just how I am.