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April 2016



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Innocentlenora_rose wrote
on March 20th, 2013 at 02:58 am

That is an amazingly generous offer. Wow.

I remember you, at least online. At one point I had you friended (I think I lost you when I purged down to only people I had personally met, not people in the same fandom circles, and god knows why I never picked your journal back up, considering I expanded again within a few weeks.)

As I amended to Bear herself, my birthday isn't yet. It's actually all the way off in June. What happened is, I swore not to *buy* any books for 2013. In spite of the fact that at least two major books are coming out that are top of my WAAANT list (Shattered Pillars is one of the two). So I may have to wait to get those books for my birthday.

My reasoning is that I have a to-read bookCASE, less reading time, and less cash flow. (Also, I picked up the last handful of really urgent books that were already out right before I made the pledge). Also that there is a pretty good library system in this city.

IF your offer still stands, I'll e-mail you, but I think it only fair to give the long version before you're too generous.

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