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sf sapphire and steel winning

April 2016



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NechtanDollflameelf wrote
on March 20th, 2013 at 11:43 am

That's the first time I've seen that joke tailored to "Westboro" Baptists...it's usually just "Baptists".

Which is why it's the only joke I can and do tell! (I AM a Baptist, but a very, very liberal one that thinks God actually has a sense of humour!)

Your post reminded me of the stink over the movie "Sucker Punch", where most of the fanboy commentary was confused and women either got it or not. I recall lots of fanboys moaning about women in their SF/F, rather like those commercials about "...You got peanut butter on my chocolate!!"

One of my favourite collections of SF stories was back in the late 1970's--I no longer recall the title (although I still have it at home), but it was the first set of SF stories I ever read where the leads were almost all entirely NOT Wonder Bread heterosexual American cowboys shot into space. Often, the stories wouldn't give you a real clue of the sexual identities of the leads/narrators until the very end. My fave was called "The Loverbirds", where these two aliens crash-land on Earth and have this inadvertent side power to inspire love in whomever saw them, so they became popular the world over. It's only at the end when one of the aliens attempts to communicate with a closetted-gay astronaut and indicates "...we're like YOU". Turned out the females of the alien race were entirely different (bigger, rounder; almost a different species) and the two 'loverbirds' were a gay couple trying to escape their own repressive planet.

Grey :)

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