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April 2016



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Innocentlenora_rose wrote
on March 20th, 2013 at 12:00 pm

Off my bookshelves - in addition to the aforementioned Throne of the Crescent Moon, there's:

Tobias S. Buckell - pretty much everything except possibly his Halo tie-in. A particular nod to the Apocalypse Ocean, newest in his series (sufficiently standalone I am told for new readers, though i am not a new reader and can't swear to it)
N.K. Jemisin - a particular nod to The Killing Moon and the Shadowed Sun
Kij Johnson - Fudoki
MArtha Wells - Wheel of the Infinite
Nalo Hopkinson - the latest one I have is the New Moon's Arms, I'm behind.
Joseph Boyden - Three Day Road (a Cree sniper in WWI and (Mostly, i think) healing in its aftermath - on my to-read bookcase so I can't swear to its awesome)
Tomson Highway - Kiss of the Fur Queen (Two Cree brothers, the Canadian Residential Schools system, their lives after: Lit-fic with a scattering of what we'd call magic realism and the author would consider just how things are in their worldview. stunning.)
Kate Elliott - Cold Magic, Cold Fire (and soon Cold Steel)
Elizabeth E. Wein - All of the Arthurian/Aksumite series except the Winter Prince (I don't know if Code Name Verity contains diverse cast, I've been trying to stay unspoiled because even my spoiler-friendly peeps seem to be saying don't spoil it)
Hiromi Goto - Half World
Malinda Lo - Ash, Huntress
Numerous works by Our Hostess

And those are the easy picks done by looking around the room. No doubt I'll kick myself when I look at the shelves int he other room, too. And going to Amazon or a bookstore - this stuff isn't even hard to find anymore.

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