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sf sapphire and steel winning

April 2016



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OMGSPOILARZ!!1artifactrix wrote
on April 12th, 2013 at 02:28 pm

On a less fussy note:

I loved this book so, so much. Here are some things I liked, in no particular order:

I actually stopped breathing during Temur's dream sequence (in which Samarkar has lung-demons), and had to stop reading and feel relieved for a minute or so after the reveal.

Ashra was wonderful, and like Tsering, I hoped, hard and in the face of lousy odds, that she'd live, and wish we'd gotten to know her better.

I am absolutely loving the science wizards in general (Rasan and otherwise), and especially the medicine. Medical realism in fantasy is A Thing for me, and the amount of attention paid to wound care and healing makes me really happy.

The streptomyces beer = awesome. Go, Aezin science wizards, go!

Either somebody still knows Temur's true name, somebody's going to learn it, or it's ultimately not going to matter, but it's still super stressful waiting to find out how that's going to work out.

Speaking of true names, Edene's son: if the djinn named him on al-Sepehr's orders, oh shit ahalskd;alsdhg;asg;aslkgjaslgf. If the djinn named him of his own volition, well, who knows better than a djinn that names are powerful? Iiiiiinteresting.

I can only hope for an explanation of Old Erem and the city of Reason in Steles of the Sky, because the weirdness, it compounds, and I am somewhat confused. In a good way.

al-Sepehr's wives: AUGHHH. After everything, that was what finally made me really despise him.

Saadet is so brave, and Shahruz is such a wuss. If she can lend him her body for the mortal peril, the least he can do is give her some moral support.

A+ book and A+ series, will read again.

(Edited to change icon, because I forgot. Oops.)

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