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bear by san

February 2017



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stuck in new york and the rain's coming down

Well, I learned last night that I can deadlift three sets of 140 pounds, which made me feel pretty good about myself. (My squat is nowhere near there yet. Someday, I hope it will be.)

Today, I learned that in my shoulders and neck, I have trapezius muscles, deltoids, and this little dude called the erector scapulus. And I also learned that they have ways of making their opinions known.

Picture Binkley saying calmly, "'Ben-Gay,' Please."


LOVE the Bloom County reference!

Did yardwork and tree disciplining (serious trimmage) this weekend. So glad I hit the adductor and abductor leg machines at the gym; might not be walking otherwise. It's amazing how many leg, tushie and lower back muscles are involved in axe work...
Ooof, yeah.

Watch those hip machines, though: they can cause injuries.


I am treating my shoulder pain with a supportive boyfriend armed with Ben-Gay, bourbon, aspirin, and Flexeril.
Thanks for the linkie. I do use machines rather than free weights at present, so there's less I-dropped-it-on-myself potential. And I am obsessively careful; more pain is one of the experiences on the absolute bottom of my want list.

With ya on the aftermath management: we're gonna go get something for dinner, and then there shall be either barleywine ale from a local source or honey 100-proof Irish (the Knot). Already apploied the cyclobenzeprine (generic Felxi).
The machines isolate more, which may be a problem in this case. But you know your body best. *g*

Bourbon helps. *g* Pity it has calories.
After I've had a day of, say moving furniture around, or mulching the flower beds, I've find it helps to take a couple of acetaminophen or ibuprofen before bed as a preemptive strike against soreness. Does seem to take the edge off, at least for me -- a friend who cleans houses in between occupants told me about it. My personal favorite, though, is a nice long soak in a tub of lavender scented bubble bath, with or without soft music.
I have a love hate relationship with squats.
Started using a Rouge Fitness squat bar a couple weeks ago, and thanks to that the relationship is leaning much more to the hate side. :p

There was climbing this weekend. I heart stemming. I heart stemming at odd angles to get me UP THINGS. My hips... have some opinions. More yoga in my future, I think.
Stemming! Great fun, except terrifying sometimes. "Here, put your face on the wall and stand on nothing!"

(Oh, squats. What I wouldn't do to be better at squats.)
The cure appears to be More Squats. I will report back.
Squats are always the answer. I think the only thing I don't tell cassandrasimplx "do some squats" to cope with is exposure to chemicals that her skin dislikes. ;-)
Also bad for torn cartilage in the knee.

FYI. ;-)
And for certain kinds of spinal disc problems. They can make some problems worse.
Oh, yes, as you pick up heavier things, these weird little muscles will alert you to their existence with LARGE, FRIENDLY LETTERS.

(I get to boggle slightly that my coach has a line item on this week's training spreadsheet that reads "trap bar deads: 540 / 570 / 600")

Honestly, I'm just happy to have finally popped whatever has been mis-aligned in my left shoulder for the last two frigging months fifteen minutes ago. :-)
Oh, that is a thing for joy. I slept 11 hours last night, and it seems to have pretty much fixed whatever was wrong--along with a beer and a couple shots of bourbon and some (non-narcotic!!!) muscle relaxants and pain killers.

Man, I have turned into somebody who runs ten miles recreationally. WTF.
I spoke too soon; benching today was a reminder in large, friendly letters "Nope, sucker, your shoulder is still at least partially jacked." *sigh*

I'm sure bouncing the bar off my sternum didn't help any. oops.

back at it tomorrow, because the weight don't lift itself.

(and, yeah, that's more than a triple-me lift, too. damn near a quadruple-me at my half-marathon weight of four years ago)

I've started playing with kettlebells again. I like them. Swingy!
Turkish Get-Ups, like the anti-climbing.

You will grin when you get done swearing at me. (and if not, I should have time to get out of range)
I do yoga precisely so I don't have to do stuff like that. *g*
What are your favorite shoulder and hip moves? I am in an eagle/tree/dog/cat/cow rut.
Sun salutations are a great shoulder workout, especially done slowly. I have to be careful with pushups/chataranga because of bad shoulder, but if I am careful I can do them.

I like side plank with a lifted leg, wheel, half moon, side angle...
Also, good gravy. 600?! That's close to three and a half mes. :-P