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bear by san

March 2017



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stuck in new york and the rain's coming down

Well, I learned last night that I can deadlift three sets of 140 pounds, which made me feel pretty good about myself. (My squat is nowhere near there yet. Someday, I hope it will be.)

Today, I learned that in my shoulders and neck, I have trapezius muscles, deltoids, and this little dude called the erector scapulus. And I also learned that they have ways of making their opinions known.

Picture Binkley saying calmly, "'Ben-Gay,' Please."


LOVE the Bloom County reference!

Did yardwork and tree disciplining (serious trimmage) this weekend. So glad I hit the adductor and abductor leg machines at the gym; might not be walking otherwise. It's amazing how many leg, tushie and lower back muscles are involved in axe work...
Ooof, yeah.

Watch those hip machines, though: they can cause injuries.


I am treating my shoulder pain with a supportive boyfriend armed with Ben-Gay, bourbon, aspirin, and Flexeril.
Thanks for the linkie. I do use machines rather than free weights at present, so there's less I-dropped-it-on-myself potential. And I am obsessively careful; more pain is one of the experiences on the absolute bottom of my want list.

With ya on the aftermath management: we're gonna go get something for dinner, and then there shall be either barleywine ale from a local source or honey 100-proof Irish (the Knot). Already apploied the cyclobenzeprine (generic Felxi).
The machines isolate more, which may be a problem in this case. But you know your body best. *g*

Bourbon helps. *g* Pity it has calories.