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bear by san

March 2017



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stuck in new york and the rain's coming down

Well, I learned last night that I can deadlift three sets of 140 pounds, which made me feel pretty good about myself. (My squat is nowhere near there yet. Someday, I hope it will be.)

Today, I learned that in my shoulders and neck, I have trapezius muscles, deltoids, and this little dude called the erector scapulus. And I also learned that they have ways of making their opinions known.

Picture Binkley saying calmly, "'Ben-Gay,' Please."


I spoke too soon; benching today was a reminder in large, friendly letters "Nope, sucker, your shoulder is still at least partially jacked." *sigh*

I'm sure bouncing the bar off my sternum didn't help any. oops.

back at it tomorrow, because the weight don't lift itself.

(and, yeah, that's more than a triple-me lift, too. damn near a quadruple-me at my half-marathon weight of four years ago)

I've started playing with kettlebells again. I like them. Swingy!
Turkish Get-Ups, like the anti-climbing.

You will grin when you get done swearing at me. (and if not, I should have time to get out of range)
I do yoga precisely so I don't have to do stuff like that. *g*
What are your favorite shoulder and hip moves? I am in an eagle/tree/dog/cat/cow rut.
Sun salutations are a great shoulder workout, especially done slowly. I have to be careful with pushups/chataranga because of bad shoulder, but if I am careful I can do them.

I like side plank with a lifted leg, wheel, half moon, side angle...