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bear by san

March 2017



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sf doctor who meant to be?

as i walk these streets i know

It's finally Spring in New England (I got out of Wisconsin just in time, apparently; I beat the blizzard by a day) and I get to be home with my dog for a whole three weeks before I head back to the Midwest.

With spring come the historical re-enactors. There's a pile of them camped out on the town common currently, firing off muskets and terrifying my poor dog. He would like you to know that he is not a gun dog. He doesn't mind thunderstorms in the least, but the musketry was bad enough that he had to climb into my lap and tremble.

I was half tempted to go out there and give them a piece of my mind, but I suppose it wouldn't be neighborly. And they probably have a permit or something.

The bugler playing Taps horribly was more frightening to me. But I'm not a Briard.

ETA: Oh, god, now they're playing fiddle. Badly.


My sympathies. The old man here doesn't care for fireworks OR thunder, and the space under my desk is big enough for my legs, or a 70lb moosedog, but really not both. And giving him an enormous bone only makes him forget the problem for the three minutes it takes him to inhale it. I keep thinking that I should get some Dog Prozac or something...
Historical re-enactors? *facepalm* I guess I'm glad I'm a couple hours north of you; we don't seem to have those here.

Spring, though, is glorious. Sunlight. Green leaves. Goddamn. :-)
All unfortunately very period... :)
Period bad fiddling is superior to ahistorical bad fiddling! I think.
Bad fiddling of any ilk should be seen and not heard. Ditto muskets.
Any clue what they're reenacting? Is this Anniversary of some Event, or just a general attempt at periodicity?
I'm sure it's something terribly relevant to Civil War Re-enactors.
It looks like it's a living history encampment rather than a reenactment, set up on the common because it's near a Civil War veteran's house (Calvin Frank Harlow).

It's the 9th Annual Frank Harlow Day Living History & Encampment. There's also a stage show about the Civil War being put on by the Framingham Historical Society today.
Every neighborhood has something, right? Our old neighborhood had some people who were obsessed with fireworks. They'd buy piles of them in early July, not use them up on the 4th, and shoot them off randomly all year long.

Admittedly, historical re-enactors with muskets and bad fiddle playing? really pretty bad.
I'm rather confused s to why we have Civil War re enactors. They're for hundred miles north of their usual range. If expect the Revolutionary sort up here.
To commemorate the first local deployment of soldiers for the Civil War, and also the memory of Sergeant Calvin Francis Harlow who served with the 29th Mass Volunteers. It appears to be an annual event there, but many events in the last couple of years (and for the next couple) are getting more notice because we're around the 150 year-mark since the Civil War.
Yeah, I would not expect Civil War re-enactors in New England.
Oh, reenactors, oh. Yeah, everybody's got a fandom to go home to. Or leave home for.
They started hammering in tent stakes around six thirty AM.
My fandom sleeps late. It's one of the many things I appreciate about it.

My poor dog. There was musket fire all day today, apparently. He spent it under the table.

(I was helping a friend move; family kept an eye on him.)
You don't know me, but I love your icon.
You should banjo at them.
I have a very period accordion I could loan out...
That would only encourage them!
Fortunately, here, the Authentic Re-enactments tend to be more towards downtown/out on the islands/in the harbor, and thus the noise is at least significantly muted (and it's too far for fiddling, however period, to carry).

ETA: They are, however, exceedingly frequent; 'tis indeed getting into the season.

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ETA: Oh, god, now they're playing fiddle. Badly.

Fortunately, I can't hear them, so I can just say that's a wonderful photograph. I love the richness of the sky and the streetlight.
You can cure bad fiddle playing with muskets.


Whereabouts, perhaps? I'm LEAVING the Midwest (for good this time, really) but the end fo summer, and need to make at least one road trip before I go...

Re: Midwest?

My boyfriend lives in Wisconsin. ;-)

But I will be at Up In The Aether in Detroit on labor day weekend, and 4th Street and CONvergence in Minneapolis in June & July, respectively.... Also at a con in Columbus is Spetember. *g*
So that's the big advantage to living out here in the West. Except for the occasional rendezvous (not in my neck of the woods), we have very few re-enactors.

(I can think of lots of reasons to love where I live, but I do admit that one had never occurred to me till just now)
Yeah. I'm in Seattle and the closest I have seen re-enactors for non-SCAdian periods is all the way down at Fort Stevens Park in Astoria, Oregon. I do hear that Fort Casey and such places also get them occasionally. SCA on the other hand...
I'm near Tacoma, and there is a group over at Fort Steilacoom that occasionally re-enacts various Civil War battles at Fort Steilacoom Park. But they're the only ones I've seen.

There are several local organizations (Fort Nisqually at Point Defiance in Tacoma, and Fort Vancouver in Vancouver, Washington) that do fur trade living history, though. And every little town has its historical society, usually with a tiny volunteer-run museum attached.

But yes, SCA is everywhere [g].
Could be worse, could be medieval bagpipes at 7am.

A British reenactor friend of mine was once awakened at a reenactment at some nifty castle on the continent by Gort The Bagpiping Belgian* circumnavigating their pavilion at 7am.

*I do not know this man, I have never met him, probably will never meet him, but I will always remember him.