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bear by san

March 2017



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sf doctor who meant to be?

as i walk these streets i know

It's finally Spring in New England (I got out of Wisconsin just in time, apparently; I beat the blizzard by a day) and I get to be home with my dog for a whole three weeks before I head back to the Midwest.

With spring come the historical re-enactors. There's a pile of them camped out on the town common currently, firing off muskets and terrifying my poor dog. He would like you to know that he is not a gun dog. He doesn't mind thunderstorms in the least, but the musketry was bad enough that he had to climb into my lap and tremble.

I was half tempted to go out there and give them a piece of my mind, but I suppose it wouldn't be neighborly. And they probably have a permit or something.

The bugler playing Taps horribly was more frightening to me. But I'm not a Briard.

ETA: Oh, god, now they're playing fiddle. Badly.


Any clue what they're reenacting? Is this Anniversary of some Event, or just a general attempt at periodicity?
I'm sure it's something terribly relevant to Civil War Re-enactors.
It looks like it's a living history encampment rather than a reenactment, set up on the common because it's near a Civil War veteran's house (Calvin Frank Harlow).

It's the 9th Annual Frank Harlow Day Living History & Encampment. There's also a stage show about the Civil War being put on by the Framingham Historical Society today.