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bear by san

March 2017



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sf doctor who meant to be?

as i walk these streets i know

It's finally Spring in New England (I got out of Wisconsin just in time, apparently; I beat the blizzard by a day) and I get to be home with my dog for a whole three weeks before I head back to the Midwest.

With spring come the historical re-enactors. There's a pile of them camped out on the town common currently, firing off muskets and terrifying my poor dog. He would like you to know that he is not a gun dog. He doesn't mind thunderstorms in the least, but the musketry was bad enough that he had to climb into my lap and tremble.

I was half tempted to go out there and give them a piece of my mind, but I suppose it wouldn't be neighborly. And they probably have a permit or something.

The bugler playing Taps horribly was more frightening to me. But I'm not a Briard.

ETA: Oh, god, now they're playing fiddle. Badly.


Every neighborhood has something, right? Our old neighborhood had some people who were obsessed with fireworks. They'd buy piles of them in early July, not use them up on the 4th, and shoot them off randomly all year long.

Admittedly, historical re-enactors with muskets and bad fiddle playing? really pretty bad.
I'm rather confused s to why we have Civil War re enactors. They're for hundred miles north of their usual range. If expect the Revolutionary sort up here.
To commemorate the first local deployment of soldiers for the Civil War, and also the memory of Sergeant Calvin Francis Harlow who served with the 29th Mass Volunteers. It appears to be an annual event there, but many events in the last couple of years (and for the next couple) are getting more notice because we're around the 150 year-mark since the Civil War.
Yeah, I would not expect Civil War re-enactors in New England.