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bear by san

March 2017



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they live upon their feet and they die upon their knees

I am so very stuck on how this character outsmarts a nemesis. I'd go write the other story, but I'm stuck on how those characters outsmart their nemesis.

Basically, I have made the critical error of trying to write stories about people being smart, which means I have to be smart.


Smart is hard.


Yup. I really don't like being ahead of the game, even where that's clearly the author's intention - screaming "Wake up, will you?" at deliberately-obtuse characters is not my notion of what a story's for - and there is no inherent satisfaction in being proved right. Being proved wrong can be rewarding (tho' I don't much like the deliberate twist ending either), but even then, even when I'm all "Oh, of course - you set that up from the beginning, it was right there and I didn't see it, are you smart or am I just stupid?" - I still don't think that the function of fiction is to be a guessing-game. Even with mysteries and thrillers, I still want a book to be a journey, that author and reader undertake together, hand in hand...
I like me a good twist ending, and I love caper plots.

What I hate is when the author obviously thinks she's being clever, and I can tell from the first bit of foreshadowing where this is going, and not in a good ooo train wreck kind of way.