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April 2016



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Pirateohari wrote
on May 17th, 2013 at 06:05 pm

That last shot was a bit of a twister, though, wasn't it? It went from three minutes and change of she was stalking him to "Hey, wait, what the hell is he doing there" with his obsession wall to counter her couple of pictures...And all of a sudden maybe she's the one who needs the DRO.

Thank You, Bear-Friend. I hadn't paid attention to these lyrics before.

The other one that gets me is "I will always love you". It's clearly a breakup/I'm leaving you song, but people play it at weddings all the time. My boyfriend is a professional drag queen. He (she) sang that at me during a show and I thought I was being publicly dumped, because we'd had a conversation like this. After the show he expalined that nope, not breaking up with me, instead he was playing on the common perception of the song to openly acknowledge our relationship to his friends who were also there, and to the other performers (some of whom had decided I was a creepy stalker fan, and one of whom WAS a creepy stalker fan). If he'd told me in advance I'd have enjoyed it more, though, on account of I'd not have felt like I was having a heart attack.

Did I just out myself on LJ? Oh, why, yes, yes I did. :)

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