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sf sapphire and steel winning

April 2016



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Korvarkorvarthefox wrote
on June 3rd, 2013 at 02:15 pm

And he got, hands down, the best line in that movie.

Hated the pre-credits sequence. That showed just how little the writer and director get Trek.

Cast were, as stated, excellent. I think Chris Pine even made his Kirk work by the end of it - I think he finally got that character to a point where he should be Captain, as opposed to it happening because the writer wanted it (as in the first movie).

Fan service was utterly gratuitous on a number of levels, and I'm the demographic that's being pandered to.

Benedict was great, given what he was given. There was almost an interesting twist there, but no, they couldn't sustain that. And yeah, as said earlier, once they decided to do Khan as a terrorist, they had no good casting choices.

The effects were pretty.

Things happened that you would expect would kill a lot of people, but apparently only people who appear in the credits count for anything.

Liked it better than the first movie, but it's still as dumb as a bag of rocks that's had all the smart rocks taken out.

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