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bear by san

February 2017



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Well, Star Trek: Into Darkness was a hot mess.

Only a very few spoilers, but: Physics does not work that way, story does not work that way, and fan service really doesn't work that way. Tribbles could have so easily been used effectively, as an actual plot element, and real fan service, instead of as an essentially pointless deus ex machina. (Why was Klingon Detroit not full of tribbles?)

So many missed opportunities, unearned moments that could have been emotional or telling, and Too Stupid To Live. And I'm sorry, but the entire subversive point of The Uberman Exists And He's A Brown Dude is kind of lost when you cast Benedict Cumberbatch, lovely though his voice is.

He can act. I wish they hadn't directed him into Shatnerhood.

I wish they'd just actually used the whole plot of Diane Carey's Dreadnought!, rather than selected aspects of it grafted onto such stupidness that don't make sense.

Oh, and space is bigger than Michigan, and Qo'noS is only 90 seconds away from Earth at Warp 10. Also, if you're having an enormous battle inside the orbit of the Moon, you can count on Starfleet to not even fucking notice, and nevermind what God needs with a starship, who the hell designs one without decompression doors?

On the other hand, the regular cast is fucking amazing. I could watch Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, John Cho, Simon Pegg, Anton Yeltsin, and Zachary Quinto play their elder counterparts all day. (John Cho. Karl Urban. ***Sigh.***) Chris Pine is a fine actor, and I adored him in Unstoppable, but the characterization of Kirk is so uneven that he's got nothing to work with.

I just want a movie that doesn't make me want to punch the scenarist in a soft and vascular place. Is that too much to ask?



And he got, hands down, the best line in that movie.

Hated the pre-credits sequence. That showed just how little the writer and director get Trek.

Cast were, as stated, excellent. I think Chris Pine even made his Kirk work by the end of it - I think he finally got that character to a point where he should be Captain, as opposed to it happening because the writer wanted it (as in the first movie).

Fan service was utterly gratuitous on a number of levels, and I'm the demographic that's being pandered to.

Benedict was great, given what he was given. There was almost an interesting twist there, but no, they couldn't sustain that. And yeah, as said earlier, once they decided to do Khan as a terrorist, they had no good casting choices.

The effects were pretty.

Things happened that you would expect would kill a lot of people, but apparently only people who appear in the credits count for anything.

Liked it better than the first movie, but it's still as dumb as a bag of rocks that's had all the smart rocks taken out.
Yeah, that. So many people died... and they don't even get a stricken look.
Either nobody cares, or all those expansive skyscrapers are entirely empty. Maybe everybody telecommutes using holographic projections.
Maybe they just resurrected everybody with KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN blood.