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sf sapphire and steel winning

December 2016



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sf doctor FANtastic!

the hooks on your pants make you want to dance

Two sets of four pullups today. 

stillsostrange and I need some PROJECT: VALKYRIE stretch goals.

So. I hereby commit to ten minute miles--more than one, in a row. I will deadlift a me. (If I lost ten pounds, I would have this one.) I will bench three digits. I will kick up to handstands at home, when there is no comforting pad under me. (I am still using the wall, dammit.) I will keep working on my free headstand. And I will climb 5.10 reliably, rather than on good days and easy routes.




I am also in the hunt for consistent ten minute miles, but I can't even do *one* pull up, so you are totally kicking my ass/inspiring me to get on that.
Go get 'em. Once you get the first pull up the next one comes relatively easy.
This is good to know, because when I discovered I couldn't do one, I was pretty baffled and grimly determined to get it back. I used to be able to do ten, which I know isn't like amazing or anything, but I could freaking do it.

Alas, that use it or lose it thing gets more extreme as time passes. :-( You will persevere!
DUDE. You are not kidding. And yes! I shall persevere! :D
Go you!

Two sets of four pullups today.

Bodies are SO WEIRD. I covet this more than anything! But I can run at least 3 10-minute miles in a row and deadlift a little bit more than a me. None of which helps me a WHIT with pull-ups. My face is a sad one.
You will totally get there! A lot of it, it turns out, is core. And confidence.

Confidence is what's killing me on the handstands. I have the core strength, and I can do it at a climbing gym... just not on a hard wood floor.

Also, given our relative body types, running fast seems likely to be easier for you, and pullups and bench presses seems likely to be easier for me. *g* It's all good! IDIC in the gym. ;-)
I need a pullup bar, both for pullups and a place to attach a set of rings and straps to. Go Team You!
RAR! I've discovered I do a lot better on parallel grips than on side by side grips. Bodies. 0.0
Be ferocious. You got these.
Fantastic indeed!
Stole my words.

I need a Project: Something. I keep thinking Atom, but I'm not sure. Wolverine is too broken.
Hee. Project: BATMAN!
Oh dear lord. I've done my time in the therapist's chair, thanks. :P
Hee. How about Beast? Depending on his incarnation, Hank is pretty well-adjusted.
Ohh, that has serious potential. I'm inclined to climb on things and hang upside down!

And best luck on the next set of goals. *g*