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sf sapphire and steel winning

December 2016



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problem cat

brush my teeth with a bottle of jack

Two things, both awesome:

A totally ridiculous Star Trek: The Backcompatibalized Original Original Series vid that makes me happy and stuff:

Popular Science magazine recruited a bunch of SF authors and artists to play futurist! Features John Picacio, Scott Lynch, Nancy Kress, David Palumbo, Ian Tregillis, Dave Seeley, Karl Schroeder, Daniel Dociu, Kim Stanley Robinson, Elizabeth Bear (that's me!), Stephan Martiniere, Kathleen Ann Goonan, James S. A. Corey, and Vandana Singh.


That was fun - thank you. :)
Also highly recommended and happymaking if you haven't seen it yet: the Starships vid by bironic. Contains a great deal of Trek and other spacefaring SF movie canon.

Saw that the first time it went around, but it never gets old.
Aie! That was awesome! (And OMG, I'm so much more of a spaceship nerd than I thought I was. I recognized most of those ships. =P)
That was a nice start to the morning. (Is it scary that I can name all of the episodes those clips came from?)
Nope. Once, I could have...
Those are indeed both awesome
Bear, I just can't. Oh, man. That made my morning.
Try this one for dessert. *g* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2pXCIUHwQk
I see that and raise you this:

That one just doesn't work as well for me somehow... the cuts are really nice, but the clips don't hit that sweet spot of ridiculousness.
Yeah, but there's more George Takei being hilarious, which makes up for a lot.
Mmm. George Takei.
Charming spouse Bob subscribes to Popular Science, so we're bringing the issue to 4th Street for autographs--see you there!
I've seen that video several times. And every time I watch it I think it's one of the most brilliant editing jobs that I've ever seen.