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bear by san

February 2017



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criminal minds reid runs like a girl

living on plastic, baby

coffeeem convinced me, and I just tried out Zombies, Run! And ran 3.62 miles in 36 minutes. And then realized I had forgotten to use my inhaler before heading out. And then nearly got eaten by zombies because sprinting, not so much.

I would do that again.

I would use my inhaler first. Still: Project: Valkyrie stretch goal unlocked! Outdoor 10-minute miles! 3.6 of them!

I think it's time I admitted to myself that I have a problem. I may be addicted to running aps.

Half marathon.
Ten minute miles--more than one, in a row. Indoors. Outdoors.

I will deadlift a me.
I will bench three digits.
I will kick up to handstands at home, when there is no comforting pad under me.
Free headstand.
And I will climb 5.10 reliably, rather than on good days and easy routes.


Go you! Even though I still think that anything over five miles qualifies for some form of alternative transportation. Horse. Velocipede. Bungee cord. Bear Cavalry.

Do you listen to music on your AOP while using your running aps? I have had mixed success with that, and I need my tunes.
I do, though my phone is neither adorable nor overhyped... okay, maybe slightly overhyped. It's a Galaxy, but an older one.

Cardiotrainer handles music well, but it's abandonware. I've been playing with mapmyrun and runtracker, and so far like mapmyrun much better, though neither seems to have the massive data that cardiotrainer gives.
One of the things I like about Zombies, Run! is the integration of my playlists into the app. There's even a "radio mode," in which, instead of running specific missions, with communications from the mission controller, I can listen to Radio Abel, a post-apocalypse radio band run by Jack and Eugene, who air my chosen playlist interspersed with notices about which areas are zombie-free and tips for Staying Safe Out There.