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bear by san

March 2017



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problem cat

if hungry is what's eating you, i'll sell you peace of mind.

So I live in a very tiny town. (It is in Massachusetts, and does not even have a Dunkin Donuts. I rest my case.) scott_lynch and I just walked over to the tiny but TARDIS-like co-op to get some lunch, and while we were paying for a sammich and some spicy tomato wild rice soup, [Redacted,] one of the women who works there, asked me if my housemate [Redacted] happened to be at home.

My housemate [Redacted] happens to be on the town advisory board.

Anyway, [Redacted] at the co-op wanted me to ask my housemate [Redacted] if my housemate [Redacted] was in charge of the candy list (The town subsidizes Halloween candy for people who live on the Common, because we get literally thousands of trick or treaters), because [Redacted] and [Redacted] at the green house across the Common would like to be put on it this year.
I told her I didn't think so, and that I thought it was [Redacted], but my mom now tells me that [Redacted] resigned due to having had enough of shenanigans.
They ([Redacted] and [Redacted] at the green house) are in North Carolina right now, so they asked [Redacted] at the co-op to check. [Redacted] at the co-op asks my housemate [Redacted] call her at the co-op and let her know how best to proceed.

So I sent an email to my housemate [Redacted].

Typical village game of telephone. *g*


Commenting from a part of swinging London where we have everything (and much of it is legal and some of it can be cured...)I'm just wondering - what is a Dunking Donuts and what do you dunk them in?
Dunkin Donuts is a chain of shops which sell doughnuts (I am sure Wikipedia can be enlightening about doughnuts if need be) and coffee. The "dunkin'" part refers to the habit of submerging doughnuts in the coffee to soak some up. This works better with some varieties of doughnuts than others (jelly doughnuts are not generally considered dunkable, for example) and is not a mandatory step in the consumption of either the coffee or the doughnuts.

Canadians refer to such establishments as "Tim Horton's". I have no idea whether Canadian doughnuts are dunkable or not. They are, however, infiltrating the US, and ads may be seen on the sidelines at every NHL hockey game. We live in fear; first their doughnuts, then their single-payer healthcare system. </p>

In the southern US, Dunkin Donuts are impersonated by a chain called Krispy Kreme. People have strong opinions about this, one way or another.


The Cult of Dunkin

Also, the Cult of Dunkin is founded on several legs besides maple frosted doughnuts and/or Munchkins.

1) Free wireless
2) Clean bathrooms
3) Reliably cromulent egg sandwiches that aren't too unhealthy: i.e., emergency nutrition/fast food that doesn't have to hurt.
4) In many places, open all night.

Also, they have a corporate sense of humor:

Re: The Cult of Dunkin

Never underestimate the power of "Open all night" when you are the only place in town that is. Or the only place for several towns.

Re: The Cult of Dunkin

I remember when the Dunkin Donuts in St. Johnsbury VT ceased to be open 24 hours/day. We discovered this at 2 AM on the final leg of a drive that had started many hours earlier in Timonium, Maryland.

We were not happy.


The one in Haverhill MA still is. And the only bathroom in town at that hour.

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We eventually located a Cumberland Farms gas station/quick mart on the other side of town that was still open all night. Their coffee is lousy, but it contains caffeine.
Krispy Kreme donuts make me violently ill, Dunkin are oversweet. But I'm a Wawa girl. :)

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The best thing about Dunkin Donuts, however, is not the donuts, which are mediocre, but the coffee. Particularly the iced coffee. I am off to get one shortly!