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April 2016



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something on your backbeatriceeagle wrote
on November 29th, 2013 at 10:25 am

It's so perfectly Doctory, and it changes his sacrifice to a personal one rather than the sacrifice of countless others.

Yeah, that's what I hate about it. I was invested in the previous interpretation. I didn't want a Clever Plan; I just wanted to know that the story I'd been watching for several years was real, and actually meant something*. I know that there's a lot of Doctor Who history, and that series 1-4 are only a small part of that. I know that the characterization of 9 and 10 is pretty wildly different from previous Doctors. But they were my introduction to the series, and I loved them, partly because they often faced impossible choices and hard losses, and above all, consequences. And a lot of the emotional weight of that stemmed from this one huge morally questionable sacrifice at the outset.

If we're moving past that period in the show, that's okay. I won't (I don't) like the show as much, but it's a return to a more classic feel and conception and characterization, and I understand why people would be happy about that. But please don't undercut the previous era to do it.

*With the caveat that I am all for any Clever Plans on the part of 11 that save Gallifrey/some Time Lords, but that do not undo the initial decision on the part of the War Doctor that forms the basis of my understanding of the show I've been watching for the past seven series. 10 and 11 can be clever! Just not John Hurt.

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