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April 2016



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sense of wonder, SFbrithistorian wrote
on May 11th, 2014 at 04:42 pm

This was awesome! I feel kind of fortunate that I had the kind of eclectic, independent introduction to SFF that I had before I was introduced to fandom. I was exposed to the "classics" through my local library's holdings (which I now recognize to be rather incomplete and eclectic) and the new writers through the digests, when I could get them (for several years the Little General near my house carried both Asimov's and Analog, but the sole issue of F&SF that I bought during the 1980s was purchased from a newsstand in New Orleans during a class trip). This isolation, coupled with my mother's influence on matters of life in general, meant that I ended up with a mental SF pantheon where Le Guin and McCaffrey were just as important to me as Asimov and Heinlein, and the only reason William Gibson was more important to me than Pat Cadigan was that I was able to find more of his books. I just don't understand people who want to freeze the genre at one particular point in time - actually, no, I understand them, I just don't agree with them. We had Heinlein (Asimov, etc.), and we still have their books. The people for whom those will be important books will still find them somehow. And the people for whom those won't been important books will do just fine without them, but they'll still be influence by them because so many of their ideas have become part of the genre. (Case in point: I've never read any of Asimov's "Robot" novels, but I've known about his Three Laws of Robotics for as long as I can remember. And I think that anyone who tries to do any serious writing about that sort of robots will find themselves reacting to Asimov's laws, even if they're not conscious at the time that they're doing so, because they've become so much a part of the genre conversation.)

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