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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

The last word on Venom Cock.

via coalescent:

You've made fandom_wank. I hope you're all proud of yourselves.


It appears to have been suspended. Obviously, it couldn't handle the VC.
The post is still accessible. It's not poor FW's fault that the venom cock was too much for it.
Fandom_wank is a community on journalfen.net, an LJ-based service, but not LJ itself.


And, to be fair, Bear, I did see the FW post before you entered the fray...
Oh, I'm not claiming responsibility. *g*


So, zey are distracted by ze cock.

Now ve take over ze vorld, no, Natasha?

The icons are brilliant.
Especially the one with the *huge* cock...

*ducks and runs*
The icons are the best part of the entire thing. I didn't even read most of the comments, I just laughed at icons.

The icons are often the best part of fandom_wank posts. :D
May I just say that your subject line is SUCH wishful thinking?

You made a post pleading for everyone to stop talking about it, and we managed to give you 117 comments so far, and counting. I mean, we were mostly agreeing with you, but I'm thinking about Bugs Bunny when Yosemite Sam is firing the gun at him and telling him to shut up--

(It is *hard* to use those pronouns. It's only as an adult that I understood that Bugs Bunny is considered male. I had never once considered...the character's...gender as a kid.)

--and Bugs Bunny saying something to the effect of, "You want me to shut up? I'll shut up! I can shut up. I'm not the kind of person who can never shut up. You know the kind of person who can't shut up even when you ask them to shut up? I'm not like that! I know how ot shut up--!"
Hee. That post was mostly me admitting defeat and getting some screaming in. *g*

So with you on Bugs.
I'm almost afraid to ask, but what is venom cock?
The ongoing pro-wank about the book Touched By Venom, by Janice Cross.
Oh, god! Shhhh! SHHHHHHH! The wankwatchers will hear you! You'll be swept into the madness... linked to, god help you, linked to!

You know, we don't have cable. We have to make our own fun.
Thinking about the *spelling* in that excerpt made me cry...were all those errors deliberate, do you think? (And not the dialogue bits, I got that.)
"pumped his hairy ass into her from behind"

That one just left me thinking, "...What?"
As if there could ever be a last word on Venom Cock.

I still fully expect Sam Raimi to slip the phrase into the next Spider-Man movie.
Or (hopefully) into Evil Dead 4, provided he's working on that.
Have you ever seen Bruce Campbell speak? his stock answer to any question he doesn't want to answer is "Evil Dead 4." *g*
Sounds Duke Nukem Forever-ish.

Which coincidentally was recently announced to be confirmably in production.

And Duke Nukem borrows a fair amount of Bruce Campbell lines.

Proud? When some stupid Harry Potter think gets 400+ comments on fandom wank and we don't even get 40?

I'm downright deflated.
...so to speak.
Unwisely mocking the phallus, hmmm?
Wisdom appears to have deserted me entirely.
No one wanks like fandom wanks. Not even the Venom Cock wanks like...

Oh, forget it.
Could some kind soul give me an invite to JF so I might participate? Because this is too good to miss.

Well that, and I'd like to defend my friend Jim Vowles in the Otakon wank.
... you'll regret it.

Not that you have to take my word for it, but.
But it's not even the first time...
I think the pentultimate discussion I've heard on this book came at the store with Chris a few months ago:

ME: (picking up the book) I kind of want to read it just so that I can actually participate in the discussions with an informed opinion.

CHRIS: But why would you do that to yourself when there are so many good books you could be reading?

Chris is smart.
I can't wait for the Wikipedia entry, and the edit wars within it, if any.

Okay, yes I can. But like yo u said: we don't have cable TV here. Hell, I don't have any TV. IT's that or knit...

...dear god pls stop me from developing a knitted venomcock.

Excuse me, going to pour peroxide into my brain now. Although the sad thing is that this is still an improvement over the rest of my morning.
I still have no clue what this is all about, even after reading the various links.

I think I'm happier that way, so please don't try to enlighten me. :)

I'm starting to rethink my desire to get sf books published. The more I interact with fandom, the more scared I get.
;-) The good bits of fandom make up for the bad bits, I think.