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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

My decor

Is a very weird combination of Japanese, post-Hippie East Indian, Danish Modern, and LARGE HUNKS OF OAK.


Oddest is that it kind of works. This not-really-batiked bedspread is way to purple for a window treatment in this living room, though. Gray purples look good with all the green, but this is hippie bedspread purple.

NB: Shiva makes a good ring tree.

At least it's not neo-dormitory. Although I'm kind of locked into the blond wood and melamite thing, because it's what the ex-boyfriend with whom I shared my first grown up apartment liked (our secondhand furniture creedo: strip it, sand it down, give it a Danish oil finish, and if that doesn't work, paint it white), and then I inherited ALL THIS OAK with white ceramic bits.

At least it makes a pretty neutral base to build on.


What is a ring tree, if I may ask?
Oh, I see. Silly me: google before you ask.
Just so. *g* He's very good at it.
Can't wait to see it!

(I have no idea what my decor will end up looking like. Rosewood Gypsy Wanderlust, I suspect...)
Oo, sounds nice.
Sounds like a slightly off-kilter Thoroughbred mare, to me (and I am corrected -- it's more cherry than rosewood).

Whatever it is, it's getting packed, box by box and bit by bit. Wheee?
whee. dammit.
Our decor only recently grew out of that period known as Late Grad Student.

My now-husband's-and-my first grown-up apartment had, I kid you not, six DIFFERENT shades of bad fake-wood 'rec room' paneling. Plus a fake-marble slick particleboard paneling in the bathroom.

Every time we saw something in a horrid fake wood-grain, we would turn to each other and deadpan, "Well, it goes with our decor ..."
I have long ago given up on wondering if my decor works for anyone but me. All I ask for are sturdy bookshelves. Hence the office themes of Western / Mermaid / Faeries / Anime Witches / Kim Possible...
We are gradually attaining mutual coherence due to T having to build a shitload of bookcases, and in any case possessing much more furniture than I do.
Nothing wrong with marrying a man for his bookcases.
No, no, no, I would never be so cynical or self seeking.

It's his ability to MAKE bookcases that is so...strangely attractive....
This is why reconstructed period rooms in museums always ring false: they're so... coherent.

(Ring trees: I used to have a stag with damn fine antlers. I wonder where that's gone?)