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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

More comic book nattering.

I'm reading Ben Templesmith and warren_ellis's Fell (it's currently the only comic I am reading) (thank you, kit_kindred), and just finished issue #4.

...I really, really, really love the resolution of this issue.

Rich Fell's reaction to the essential unfairness of the universe he finds himself in--fine, then I will be unfair right back--really snapped into place for me. He changed at the end of this issue, with an almost audible click, and it was just beautifully done.

This book is working for me as a character study, and as a conversation about that essential quality of the world--life isn't fair, Princess--that frustrates so damned many of us so much. And what I'm really loving is the underplayed subtlety with which it's made evident that something is helping Fell. Something mystical. Coincidence. A conspiracy of the universe. It marked his neck. It brought him to the runaway girl in the bar. It handed him that boat hook.

Something is looking out for Fell. It's an unfair universe. And something is bringing its thumb down on the scales.

Mmm. Shiny.

Also, I love that last panel, where he says to the city, "You hear that? Every time you take one... ...I'm going to take one back."

The ambiguity there is stunning. It's not justice. It's not right. It's not moral. It's not fair.

But it's a way to fight.


I think I'd like this.

Would you advise starting with #1?
I can do you one better.

Issue #1 is online here:

Oh man oh man. And here I've been trying so hard not to get dragged back into comics...

:: wails ::

bad influence.
And I can't even kvetch, what with doing that to others myself each chance I get. Aie!

:: makes a Fell icon, gleefully so! ::
I'll send you Down, when I finally get that package together.
I haven't read it, and I'm not going to read your spoilers because someday I may (what I saw of issue one was intriguing), but last line "...but it's a way to fight."? Sounds like Warren Ellis.

Uh, I assume you've read Transmet?
FELL is pretty good, yes. have you tried out DESOLATION JONES? i think it's actually a lot stronger than FELL, and it'll be something to buy in collections, since it's bi-monthly, but if you can scavange up the first four issues, it's well worth it, i think.

the artist for DESOLATION JONES is jh williams, who co created PROMEATHEA with alan moore and provided the art. he stretches panels to their limit when he kicks in, and you can see that starting in JONES.

(plus, it's about government spies who have been fucked up by drugs and politics and who are confined to LA, amid pornography rings and made colonels. what's not to like?)