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April 2016



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blues dogstwish wrote
on March 22nd, 2006 at 04:47 pm

I am so tired of religious whacks who insist that their veiw of unreality must be applied to all other persons, regardless, Christian or whatever.

I dont think anyone would argue that the FBI is not a Christian organization. They are hell on godless commies like Pete Seeger, but can't ever seem to catch good Catholic Mafiosos or white Christian Nazis.

The Moussaoui case is just another in a long string of FBI coverups of the their own incompetence. I cite the Rosenbergs, all the Red Scare crap and the Black Panther prosecutions.. Also Patty Hurst, Waco, and the Weather(wo)men.. the FBI couldnt find lumps in a lump mine, to quote Pogo..

And the Musilims are even worse.. Moussaoui is a nut case, having his finest hour, the Afgans are well up in the running for most contrary prople on earth (and I'm half Cossack and half Redneck). I love the part where dude can get off being exicuted for heresy if he proves he is insane. As compared to what? As compared to who?

And skroomaul.

I was just listening to more about the Danish cartoon flap, and finishing off the last of a package of Danish Blue Cheese. I have quietly decided to eat only Danish cheese, in solidarity.

I notice the Danish flag on the package. It is a white cross on a red field.

So lets move to a country that has a Christian Cross as a symbol, and insist that they follow the law of Isalm.

(insert Expetive here)

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