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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

via juliansinger and others.

Cecilia Fire Thunder, who is the President of the Oglala Sioux Tribe on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, is not pleased about recent events in South Dakota.

So, she's trying to start up a Planned Parenthood on the Pine Ridge Reservation. (They will be able to provide abortions, if necessary, because they've got sovereign authority over their own land. However, Planned Parenthood also provides basic reproductive healthcare to people without insurance.)

If you want to mail donations/support to the reservation, you may do so at:

Oglala Sioux Tribe
ATTN: President Fire Thunder
P. O. Box 2070
Pine Ridge, SD 57770

OR: and this may be preferred, due to mail volume:

PO BOX 990
Martin, SD 57751

Make it clear that the donation is for the Planned Parenthood clinic. At the moment, until further information says otherwise, checks can be made out to Oglala Sioux Tribe.

nogoodnik offers another suggestion for collective action.

Hi, Bill? Should I wear the red socks, or the black???

On a lighter note, angevin2 manages to rhyme "atextual" and "heterosexual."

Twelfth Night, or What You Will
Though Orsino's denial may vex you all,
The cure, sad to say, is atextual:
Though he falls for Cesario,
The closing scenario
Lets him say he's still heterosexual.

(more, if you follow the link)

NB to the people who just added me: I don't usually post this much in a day, I promise. Soon, we will return you to your regularly scheduled intermittent muttering about deadlines. In the meantime, please feel free to introduce yourselves. There's some ginger ale in the wet bar, but I think we're out of booze after last week's Anthony Burgess smut party.


Apropos of nothing in this post, but of general interest to you: Arthur Herman's book on the Royal Navy has an extremely interesting biography,with at least one title on Elizabeth espionage, plus other stuff on excessively colorful Elizabethan characters. The book itself also has pirates--and everything's better with pirates, right?

I'd heard about the president of the Oglala--thanks for passing on the address; this could become very interesting.
Thanks for the lead. I should read some good biographies of Elizabeth, James, and the Charlies eventually.

You should see my 1580-1616 bookshelf. And that's just the ones I *kept*.
Yeah, I remember the sounds of thrown books echoing through this here Livejournal. I'll see if I can jot down some of the books he lists in his notes for you. Herman makes the interesting note that the early version of Britain's naval forces started out with piracy and added slave-trading, and that eventually the Royal Navy ended up doing it's best to stamp out piracy and slave-trading.

edited to get my linkage right. Stupid HTML.

This's where I got the info to begin with. Kathryn called Ms. Fire Thunder earlier today.

Re: edited to get my linkage right. Stupid HTML.


Re: edited to get my linkage right. Stupid HTML.

(I mentioned it because often, people go, "But how do we know this is TRUE?" So, well, figure hard proof in the comments is useful.)
Passed on.

They say feminists have no sense of humour, but what they really mean is "Stop laughing at us! That's not funny!"

*leaves self note to try the home number at 3 am*
*I* think we're damn funny.
Oh, we are. We are. :)
What's interesting (hah!) is that the Indian Health Service already only provides abortion services in the case of rape, incest, or endangerment of the mother's life (found this on the IHS website, but I can't form a good link to it).
This is probably because the IHS is most likely federally-funded, through the BIA. They'd be limited by what feceral regulations permit them to provide, just like the VA and military hospitals and clinics.
IHS used to be under the BIA, but in 1955 it got transferred to the Public Health Service. They're still federally funded, though, so they're under the same Hyde Amendment restrictions limiting abortion coverage to cases of rape, incest, or where the woman's life is at risk. What's more disturbing is that there are claims that many IHS units aren't even complying with that limited level of coverage they're obligated to provide. And this is hardly the only area in which they've got a bad rep on reproductive issues -- the coerced sterilizations of the 60s and 70s have not been forgotten. Things have improved somewhat since then, with many tribes now having a say in the management of their IHS facilities, or starting their own independent medical programs, but given a cash-strapped system that severely rations care, it's not too surprising that the IHS still has a less than glowing reputation.

(Brrrrrr. I'm often sad that I was raised off-rez, but rereading articles like these reminds me to count my blessings.)
Thanks--I suspected I might be a little out-of-date there, but wasn't sure.

Either way, it's not a great health-care set-up.
From a few posts down in the group that gave us Bill Napoli's phone numbers is this utter gem.
oh yeah. there's a reason I read that group.


you invited those of us who added you to introduce ourselves. i'm alisa. i'm new(ish) to the oww and once i started exploring lj realized there is a whole new world(...a dazzling place i never knew...) (yeah i just watched aladdin with the kiddos today) out there!

sooo...hi. :)

i have four kids (all boys) and geek-boy husband who turned me on to rpgs like 10 years ago. i homeschool (read: "what? there's life outside these walls?") and write. yeah, and try to be there for my little geeklings and my wanna-be comic book writer/artist sweetie.

yeah, i dunno. i suck at introducing myself. but i like to talk. and having a found a playground where i can talk to grown-ups, well, its just mind-blowing, really. :D

Re: introduction

nice to meet you! Also, yay!
I added you earlier today because we have so many LJ-friends in common, and I decided to go to the source instead of reading "via matociquala" so often.

And I'm secretly glad to hear you don't regularly post this much in a day. ;>
Three posts or so is much more regular. *g* I promise. Nice to meet you!
not sure if you read her lj, but erzebet yellowboy has another side (insider, maybe) on the opening of the clinic (I have no opinion either way, as I am not in that situation, but logically generally am pro health and sexuality education for women)
Yeah, I saw a couple of other links. I figure, yanno, people can make up their own minds....
Which LJ's this?
it was erzebet, but it was an f-locked post.
I think there's enough booze now. We've got all that Scotch left behind by the Singularity.
intro intro...you have such a huge list, amazing. Wonderful too. Been on lj for several years now, published long ago in mystery, small press though and the experience didn't continue to be as wonderful as it started. I sold a gay romantic suspense novel last week, which was a real treat, but unexpected, really--now, honestly, am in the throes of starting anew...just not sure what direction to go. Yet. I've been so stagnant on lj, not taking advantage of all the informative lj's that I could, so decided to branch out. Followed a trail of crumbs here. :)

nice to meet you!

And a gay romantic suspense novel sounds like it could be a lot of fun.
It was incredible fun to write. :)

It has also been incredible fun to tell friends and acquaintances, and shocking them speechless. LOL!

Write all you want. We'll keep reading! I added you after I read your "ten things I've learned about writing". Those were some right-on-the-money observations!! I thought if you had ten, you'd probably have a few more pop out here and there...
check the "writing craft wank" tag. And the memories. *g*
Will do!
Introduction, erm, well I'm British and stumbled across your LJ through just looking around. As you do. I work a dull, ordinary office job and occassionally try to write some. But mostly just beat myself up over the fact I think I suck!

So, yeah. Hey :o)
Hey. *g*

Beating yourself up is a lot of work. :-P

Have you considered beating your characters instead?
The way some of them have turned out, it'd be a pleasure I think!

Also *Tom Baker Doctor love*
You're such a liar. :) You totally post just as often as this when you're bored/inspired/creative/energetic/lethargic/procrastinating/proactive. ;) I should know, because I refresh my friends list just as often when I'm the same.
Heh. A ten post day is really rare. More often, you get three, or five.
I suppose that's true. But then you comment to everyone's comments and the ebear LJ presence adds up. ;)