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bear by san

February 2017



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bear by san

my people come from a long line of goat shavers

The ^%*&^*& frogs have hijacked my plot and started a shooting war.

Well, the b&@k is alive, I guess.


^%*&^*& frogs! I hate them.
My newish icon seems appropriate. Maybe it'll help.
Never survive contact with the characters, do they?
We refer to this as "taking them out behind the chemical sheds."
What are these "frogs"? Are they by any chance some kind of NeoCon political sock-puppet? Can I get them to Wax my Tadpole or Jacques my Chirac?

(You can tell I'm just back from the pub :)
Alas, they are just slimy alien hermaphrodites.
Cool! Slime plus alien plus hermaphrodite equals great employment opportunities in the local massage parlours! When can I expect them to move in?

(Hic, thud.)
g'night, Mr. Stross. *g*
Bwahahahahahaah! That was FUNNY! Yay Mr. Stross!
Can't trust those frog aliens. What is it with frog aliens? Mine are hijacking, lying, backstabbing, slaving, xenophobic jerks. And they smell bad.

Not currently hermaphroditic, but it does make sense for reptiles to be able to switch whenever they feel like it. Hmm.
Nitpick: some frogs can change gender when a population is too gender-imbalanced (also some fish. Which is why you ALWAYS have a breeding population of black mollies). Reptiles generally stick with one gender throughout their lives, but said gender is usually determined NOT by their chromosomes, but by the temperature around their egg when they were developing.
I should not type while stupid!

Honest, I know that frogs are amphibians, not reptiles; and that it's amphibians-or-less which are prone to gender switches under the right conditions.