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bear by san

February 2017



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bear by san

review roundup

Horrorscope reviews Aeon 7, including truepenny-and-my story "Ile of Dogges."

Fantasy Bookspot reviews Hammered

Writer's Weekend is going well, except for a small problem in that HP seems to have broken Ethel's keybone when they serviced her, so random things happen--she's fine while cold, but as soon as she warms up a little, eVeryThing TI Type sTarTS coming ouT like This, which is disconcerTing To say The leasT.

TAnyway, iT's limiTing my abiliTy To do any work on The lapTop, as you can imagine, buT TI was smarT enough To bring prinTouTs of TUnderTow and T"The Tenom TCock,T" so TI haVe acTually rewriTTen TVC inTo a more or less final drafT, and TI'm Through The firsT 220 pages of TUnderTow, which is beTTer and more coherenT Than TI had conVinced myself iT was.

TI sTill haVe some preTTy serious work TO do, buT aT leasT iT's noT compleTely broken.

and ThaT may be a lesson To us allT: iT is noT easy To judge The qualiTy of one's own work.

Three days To The publicaTion of Tlood T& Iron, The TirTu, and The TLies of TLocke TLamora. TIT's sorT of a forTuiTous coincidence.... none of us has To drink alone Tuesday nighT. ;-T

TI'm haVing a grand Time aT TWriTer's TWeekend. TI'm discoVering ThaT TI really like TEaching, Though TI may be sowing mayhem and disorder whereVer TI go. TNoT looking forward to my 4 am deparTure Time Tomorrow, THough. :-T


Reading Fantasy Bookspot's review, I noticed they don't call Elspeth a scientist, or a psychologist, or a researcher: she's a felon.

For some reason, this gave me amusement entirely out of proportion to the fact.
She's a felonious scientist.

No relation to Felonious Monk.
"Literally all teeth"?

You must forgive me. I don't feel I can snark at my own reviews, so I pick on yours.

That phrase in the review jumped out at me as well.

I just finished reading Hammered this morning and loved it. Now I'm going to have to buy the other Jenny books. "Oh, darn," she said with a smile.
Thank you!


Also from that review:

"Bear forces ... neat turns of phrases on the reader rather than merely describing what is happening, spending more effort on style than is needed."

Oh, you brute, Bear. How could you?

Re: Snarking

I'm so hard on the poor reader.
At least you get to see Seattle (and Bellevue, I guess) when the weather is nice. I wish I had the cash to cross Lake WA and join the fun.

Will you be returning to WW next year, assuming they have one?
time and better travel arrangements permitting, I might just.

Although I'm bummed that you have already won the Venom Cock race when I had to go back to the starting line again.
The race is not to the swift, etc etc.
I'm just bewailing my inadequacies.

Also, looking for an excuse to use that icon.
If WW is at the same hotel as before (and I'm pretty sure it is) try a few mojitos at the Mexican Resturaunt ....mmm mojitos. I promise after 3 your laptop woes will be no more ;)



I had serious costuming-on-the-brain while running errands this morning, and I was incapable of getting an image out of my head of a (toy) polar bear dressed in one of Queen Elizabeth's gowns. Because, you know, it would be an Elizabeth Bear. And hey, polar bears are cool.
Just finished reading Hammered today and I loved it. Because I am "old" I really liked the fact that Jenny is older and has plenty of aches and pains and attitude. I also got chills when she saw the starship... (hope that isn't a spoiler.) Glad to say I already own Scardown!
Thanks for being such a top notch writer.
Thank you! I'm glad she worked well for you. *g* She's pretty dear to my heart, possibly because she's so crotchety.
All of us at Writer's Weekend had a grand time having you.

Oh wait . . . that's not quite what I meant . . .
yes it was. ;-)
That actually read like you had an acute case of 'Old Yorkshireman-itis'. What with going to T'Writer's Weekend and trying to work on T'Undertow.

"Writing? Call that writing? When I were a lad, we had to write two novels in t'morning before going t'work. And not Chick lit. T'Novels 'ad to be size of War 'n' Peace or our dad'd thrash us..."
whereVer TI go

I'm sorry I'm not getting to experience your teaching, vertigo or no... :)