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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san


Day two of the convention was: moderating two panels, and being interviewed (along with Nick Sagan) for Weekend America on NPR. It's supposed to broadcast on Saturday. Also I met a lot of lovely people.

I am very tired and dumb now, and am going to play some computer games, and soon there will be sushi.


I'm sure it makes sense in context, but your tag... It confuses me.
that would be because I clicked on the wrong tag.
Well, that's far less entertaining than I was expecting. Oh, well!

(mmm, sushi. Have fun!)
I don't understand why I haven't seen you. Which bar are you frequenting?
Hilton bar. We were just down there for a couple of hours.

Now, there may be comas.
NPR! W00T!
i heard you... no credit line, but it was you!!!!!!!

Meanwhile i'm watching a movie about the Neport Folk Festival, looking for familiar faces in the crowd scenes... Another 10 seconds of fame..
NPR, that's cool. I'm upcountry now, but hopefully I can listen to the program online with our current level of technology (Chinese wireless phone, which is a step away from Magic).
Tired and dumb is me too, and all I did was help a friend get ready to move to Korea. I'll trade you. ;)

I am amused because I just recognized David McCallum in the "Infection" episode of B5, SOLELY FROM YOUR ICONS. (seeing as _The Great Escape_ is the only thing of his I've watched.)

Hang in there!
The infection spreads. *g* As it were.
Since you're probably not reading blogs with the con and all, John M. Ford does Man from UNCLE pastiche (setup in comment #40, Mike in #42)

Bear, this is to say...

Thank you. I submitted a short story that I'd written to a writing contest on gather.com, and part of what gave me the whole determination to finish it was some of the things you wrote in your journal. So thanks. :)


Just heard the segment

though they didn't identify you by name, I think I just recognized your voice -- something about running from dire wolves?

The focus was primarily on apocalyptic SF and predictions of disaster and SF as preparing people mentally for the worst, or changing minds to prevent such.

Re: Just heard the segment

and nobody outruns dire wolves... You have to smack them with your titianium laptop