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April 2016



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stuartcija wrote
on August 29th, 2006 at 05:07 am

No, it really isn't. I keep seeing people saying, variously, either "oh, he's just a jerk, he's always been like that, it's not really surprising in the context of everything else he does" or "HA! He really is a jerk! See, Ellison fans? SEE?"

and for fuck's sake, this is not just another "being a jerk" incident. -- because, I'm a jerk sometimes-- not of Ellisonian proportions, because I'm also shy and retiring -- and I've never grabbed somebody's breast uninvited. It's a whole universe away from mere snottiness, drama-queenage, or provocative whatever. This is disgustingly sexist behavior, and it is not okay to class rank sexism under the jerk umbrella, as if it's something we'd all do if we lacked social graces and let our id take control. Being a rude and abrasive person is one thing, and treating women's bodies like public property is another, and it comes from a different kind of fucked-upness, and one person may do both, but they're still not the same. pnh's bit about the 'meaning of the tit-grab' was so absolutely right. It drives me nuts to see this classed in the same category as other amusing Ellison anecdotes (I admit, I do find a lot of them amusing, or did.) It's not. the same. thing.

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