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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Hey, Harlan?

This is so not okay.



I sort of wonder what the reaction would've been if Connie'd decked him. If people would be saying, "Boy, she overreacted," or if they'd be cheering her. Complicated thing, human reaction. And human idiocy...
I am not certain Connie is the decking type. However, a "Harlan, please remove your hand, or I will remove it for you," would certainly have not gone uncheered.

I sispect some of each. When another female author dumped a Coke over another sexist pig author's head at a Con, she got a fair chunk of both praise and censure.
Yeah, that's sort of the incident I was thinking of. Can't win for losing, sometimes. Although my own limited experiences with sexual harrassment have generally put me in the "too damned surprised to react in any fashion but politeness" coupled with "get the hell out of there". Societal training, I guess.
Y'know, I keep hearing things like this.

My gut reaction is that there's only one kind of reaction that's really relevant. If Ms. Willis had decked him; would people be less likely to grope her in public, or more so? Would they be more likely to be more physically respectful of other women in public, or less so?

I realize it may sound cheap of me to talk about what the right thing to do would be, since I wasn't there; but I have been in a similar situation, and I have to think that the right thing to do would be whatever would be most effective at cutting down on that kind of behavior in the future overall, no matter whether it got boos or cheers in the next five minutes.
I wasn't trying to be difficult. It was just that the entire situation made me reflect on the fact that people are likely to be dreadful regardless of what path you take.