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bear by san

February 2017



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bear by san

Hey, Harlan?

This is so not okay.



And it's obvious that both Connie and Rachel can handle themselves.

Those are the magic words. And that's what freaks me out a little about this. Connie and Rachel can handle themselves -- what about the cute twenty- or teen-something at her first con who can't?

She's gonna carry that weight. And very likely won't know that what just happened is not okay.
Or be afraid to say anything about it -- afterall, she's seen strong women let him get away with it, so who's a young nobody to say something?

Ms. Willis and Ms. Manija are responsible for what they want to do about the incident, of course. But the F/SF community at large and all its members are responsible for what we want to do about the incident. Like stop inviting him and other steakfuckers to cons, and complaining, in writing, if other people do; and all that other good stuff.
At my Regular Place of Work we call these people "High Maintenance Customers", and it took us about half a decade to realize they were not worth keeping.

When someone fits the HMC profile, we detail the situation to them. We give them one chance, and then we ban them permanently. Do not pass Go. Do not bug our customer service base or harrass our product managers. k thx bye.

As for the LOTR Fan from Hell....she sounds mentally ill, and very likely is. She needs help, and maybe the shock of being thrown out of a con would be the jolt in the ass she needs to get her life in order, but then again -- she'll probably just find another outlet for her brand of personality disorder.