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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Hey, Harlan?

This is so not okay.



Comments like this seem to try to convince women, they should just roll over, and ALLOW themselves to be raped. I can't condone that.

Sorry to beat a dead horse, but see, this is exactly why I stated that I thought topics like this should be discussed in terms of facts, not idiology.

If I had to summarize my idiological position, it would be that women should know as many facts as possible and make their own decisions.

You clearly have done so, and that's great. I, personally, incline towards another decision--although I can never know what I'd do until the moment, once I was physically under a rapist's physical control, I probably would rather be raped than risk escalating the violence. For one thing, I'm physically weak and out of shape, neither a good fighter nor a good runner, and I know that.

Certainly, I can make my decision and you can make yours without trying to convince all women--or even any other women--of anything.

I certainly would try nonphysical solutions, with which I know I'd have a better chance. For both physical and nonphysical solutions, as well as literal encouragement for those women who would want to fight, I highly recommend Her Wits About Her, a collection of true stories of women who successfully pevented violent rape.

Also, of course nonviolent sexual harrassment, which can escalate to violence but mostly doesn't, is not exactly the same issue.