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February 2016



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borntofr4g wrote
on August 29th, 2006 at 10:29 pm

I dunno if this is the place for it, but at this point, with everything crawling over everything and biting like killer Brazillian ants, I feel I need to quote one of my most recent personal LJ posts:


I just realized this is remarkably akin to the Don't Feed the Trolls phenomenon on the internet, or parasitically pesky people in real-life.

Assuming that this Ellison chap gets his kicks off of pissing off others (as opposed to just spiting individuals or being in truth a nice chap who continually has one long running bad day), wouldn't it make more sense for the blogosphere to shut the can about him and consequently deprive him of the reaction he thereby gets inspired to continue his antics by?

Probably the best option here---or one of them---would be for people to redirect their inquiries to the gropee, ask her what she wishes done about the situation, if anything (say, banning this Ellison fellow from all conventions for the rest of the millenium), and let those authorized and trained for this sort of situation handle the dirty work of dispensing out a civil suit or whatever the pants have you.


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