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intelligent interestedluna_the_cat wrote
on August 30th, 2006 at 11:55 am

Ok, going to post a thought here, prompted by a discussion with my husband last night. I've posted it in a couple of other places as well, so apologies if you trip over it more than once.

To give Ellison credit, this was actually bizarre behavior for him. He has made a lifetime out of being obnoxious and abrasive, but physically (not verbally, just physically) he has always been more...chivalrous, towards women at least, and at least as far as I know. It is genuinely an odd line for him to have stepped over.

To throw out a thought: the unpleasant medical reality is that he has had several cardiac events, and has been quite ill in the past. A badly-functioning heart tends to spawn off microscopic blood clots. These do not cause major, dramatic damage, as they only stick in the smallest and finest blood vessels; however, they have a tendency because of this to cause creeping, insidious damage, including unobvious "silent strokes" with small areas of local damage.

When this happened to my father a few years ago, some very noticeable effects were poor impulse control and a tendency towards inappropriate sexual behavior -- a really devastating change in a man who had always had a strict rule of conduct. Other effects can be increasingly erratic behavior, increased aggressiveness...yeah, you get the picture.

I agree that Ellison's apology is a bit...hmm...but I think he does realise that he's crossed an unacceptable line, and I find the fact that he has apologised at all significant, since let's face it, the man is not exactly known for making any apology when he's a jerk. What I wonder is if we are actually seeing the result of poor impulse control that he genuinely doesn't have the ability to check, now. We don't know that he isn't in full possession of his faculties and still just being a jerk, but we don't know that he is, either, and this Con seemed to mark some odd behavior even by the usual Ellison standards. We don't know. He might not know. If it is a deterioration of behavior that he isn't in control of and that we might see more of, then it is going to be quite devastating for him and for Susan, both.

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