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February 2016



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borntofr4g wrote
on August 30th, 2006 at 12:57 pm

With me, it is...:

A) Gangstas (already mentioned).
B) Furries (sometimes I wonder if they 'get' themselves).
C) Religious fundies.
D) Severe/diehard anime fans (I nearly have a Vietnam-vet-style PTSD-esque reaction every time I hear the word 'kawaii'). I love anime, too, but I am bloody fed up to Valhalla with the subculture it has over here.
E) People who are crack-addicted to World of Warcraft, or prettymuch any computer game. I would say more except there's too many subtypes under this category to cover. Suffice it to say I'm tired of gamer subculture and nearly tired of games due to this (though being increasingly picky I'm also partially tired of it because some people I knew who fit the bill ended up treating me like shit and also 'cause many of the products are just plain kinda crappy, even the better-made ones. That's why I'm reading more books and watching more movies these days.)
F) People who say "DOWN WITH THE CORPORATION" or the like. While I'm all for dealing with injustice, generalizations of who is antagonizing oneself confuse me. Specify target plz.
G) People who drive Humvees. The only way you will ever get me to like these things if it's one of the military models with the snorkel-exhaust pipe and the attached grenade launcher.

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